Acura JDM Engines for Sale

Acura uses JDM engines built by Honda for sale in its global automobiles. More than just a subsidiary, Acura has become a major player in the auto industry. There is literally a vehicle for every type of person. When searching for a low mileage replacement block, reviewing our Acura JDM engines for sale here online…

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Acura Integra Engines For Sale

The Honda Integra, or Acura depending on the region, made it on the best-selling automobiles list more than 10 times. This feat has only been accomplished by one or two U.S. made vehicles. While some domestic drivers do not understand JDM engines, Honda car owners know exactly what these engines are made of and what…

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Used Acura C32A Engine

The C32A code refers to the engine used in Acura vehicles between 1991 and 1995 in the USA market. This SOHC edition was one of the first pro-American creations for the Honda company. One of the features that people appreciate the most about this block is that it fits into the coupe and sedan cars…

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