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Acura JDM Engines for Sale

Acura uses JDM engines built by Honda for sale in its global automobiles. More than just a subsidiary, Acura has become a major player in the auto industry. There is literally a vehicle for every type of person. When searching for a low mileage replacement block, reviewing our Acura JDM engines for sale here online is a good decision.

Compatible Acura Cars

Getting your hands on a valid Japanese Domestic Market motor is not easy. There are plenty of domestic retailers selling USDM versions. To make the most of a swap, people demand imported four-cylinder and six-cylinder builds from Japan. We cut through middlemen and eBay sellers to offer our rebuilt Acura car engines at sale prices.

The following list of cars is supported with our in stock inventory:

1. CL
2. TL
3. RL
4. Integra
5. MDX
6. TSX
7. NSX
8. RDX
9. EL
10. Vigor
11. CSX
12. Legend

It does help to conduct research before validating compatibility with Acura cars and engines. Our team does a great job helping any consumer find the perfect match.

Types of JDM Acura Engine Blocks

The technology Honda creates is always present in its engineering. The USA based and foreign based manufacturing plants produce all parts and accessories. The import inventory that is showcased to people viewing this page is in stock unless listed otherwise. We masterfully rebuild many of the infamous blocks found in JDM and some non-JDM automobiles.

It is popular to swap the following builds:

1. F22B
2. F23A
3. J30A
4. C32A
5. C35A
6. J35A
7. J32A
8. G25A

Some of what Honda Motor Company builds for its vehicles is not VTEC. What this means is that a DOHC or SOHC design is chosen, but the variable valve timing is not included. Many best-selling automobiles did not feature the high-performance airflow systems.

Displacement such as 2.5L, 3.2L, 3.5L, 3.0L, 2.3L, 2.2L, and 2.0L models can be purchased using our quote and order checkout system here.

Warranty is Always Included

Engine remanufacturing techniques change periodically. Even the most experienced rebuilders learn a thing or two along the way. With changes in OEM design and specs, high-volume refurbishing must be kept up to date. It is for this reason that we supply 12-month minimum warranty coverage for installed parts.

It costs a lot to purchase a motor from an Acura dealership. The high MSRP combined with shipping fees is almost the same price as a new car engine. We go above and beyond what normal companies do for customers. It never costs extra to have a parts coverage plan.

Why Acura Motors are Top Notch

There is no secret that quality parts result in longer lasting products. Regardless of the high horsepower and digital controls, Honda puts a personal touch into every build. Someone asking “are Honda and Acura engines the same?” has a valid question. The answer is yes. The very same components are used to build each variant of a motor block.

1. Advancements in Technology

With every passing year, something new is created in the motor vehicle market. Although one block might look the same as another, the parts inside are usually different. This can complicate a change out or removal of any size motor.

2. Road Tested and Compression Tested

An auto engine that is used on the open road goes through a lot of testing. After a reconditioning job, more important tests are still required. We test every rebuilt Acura JDM engine that is sold on this website. This increases customer retention.

Buy Acura Engines Rebuilt by Specialists

A DIY block removal is quite complicated. Some regular people know how to do it successfully. When it comes to taking parts off the block, putting on the best of the best parts takes skill. Placing an order can only happen successfully once a valid price quote is presented. This process happen using the estimator tool here.

Anyone can call us during business hours. An informative conversation about anything we sell can happen by phone. Checking the VIN number and other helpful things happens with our offline customer service. Quotations by way of e-mail are also offered. This is great for iOS or Android phone users.