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Used Acura C32A Engine

The C32A code refers to the engine used in Acura vehicles between 1991 and 1995 in the USA market. This SOHC edition was one of the first pro-American creations for the Honda company. One of the features that people appreciate the most about this block is that it fits into the coupe and sedan cars without modifications. A person who uses this JDM portal can buy used Acura C32A engine inventory for a reduced sale price.

C32A Honda Specs

The displacement for the C series motors can vary although the base level is always the 3.2-liter. This block is rated for 200 horsepower and has was slightly modified during the mid 1990s. There were two additional builds introduced by Honda Motor Company for its C class versions. These were A1, A6 and A5. The latter, know as the type II build, was a feature in the GS and LS Legend automobiles.

For a person researching how to do a C32A engine swap, knowing the limits placed on the Acura design is important. For someone with an average mechanical knowledge, the removal of the block should be straight forward. Some people who are not DIY tuners often seek help from an ASE certified import car mechanic for guidance.

Import Motors With a Warranty

The Japanese Domestic Motor market is quite different depending on the region. While there are many foreign blocks that have low mileage, not all units that are imported into the United States features under 60,000 miles. Because of this fact, any salvage inventory acquired for retail sale through this portal includes a valid parts warranty as part of the sale process.

All C32A Type II engine inventory and standard blocks 3.2L blocks qualify for the components protection. Each shipment that leaves a distributor warehouse is routed directly to a consumer within a few business days after orders are placed. The interchange network of foreign vehicle replacement parts providers showcased here is a big help to the public.

Buy C32A Honda Engine Blocks

In order to buy successfully, research must be completed and a match of a VIN number is helpful. JDMPros.com provides two of these metrics right on this website. By using only the correct year of production and Honda as the manufacturer, a person will receive access to the components database of requested inventory. Every preowned block in stock is listed as well as the terms of freight that are needed in order to arrange a delivery.