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Acura Integra Engines For Sale

The Honda Integra, or Acura depending on the region, made it on the best-selling automobiles list more than 10 times. This feat has only been accomplished by one or two U.S. made vehicles. While some domestic drivers do not understand JDM engines, Honda car owners know exactly what these engines are made of and what they can do when pushed wide open. The Integra has had 4 generations of versions produced in its entire history. That is more than the average automobile that has only a 5 to 7 year release. We have brand new Integra crate engines for sale ready to ship to any location in the world.

It is important for us to tell you a little about Integra before we tell you what you get when you buy our crate engines. Every engine that we include in our Honda inventory is acquired or built in-house. This means that what we cannot find elsewhere in the world we build in our engine shop. We buy and build Integra crate engines. Many times we build these engines from scratch starting with the original block. This allows our Honda mechanics to put each and every part on the engine to make it 100 percent original but hand built. We know our customers appreciate honesty and we always make sure that our customers are fully informed about our crate engines for sale.

Our Integra Crate Engines Include a Great Warranty

Aside from selling you an excellent engine, we also warranty it from any type of damage or defects. If you have never purchased a crate engine before, the company that builds it or offers it to you usually does not include any warranty protection. This is a problem because something can go wrong with a part that was installed. This can cause you numerous problems during the ownership period. What we do is provide the coverage that you need. We give you a peace of mind warranty. What this means is that any problem caused by an OEM part failure or our rebuild is fixed for free. This lasts for 3 years. We feel that our warranty is arguably the best one in the crate engines business. We take care of you.

You will love our engines. You will love our warranty. What you will really love is our low price. We keep our prices low even though we hire expert mechanics to handle all of our rebuilding. These professionals know Honda engines inside and out and make sure that you get OEM quality at a crate engine price. Our Integra crate engines for sale will surprise you in price and in durability. These engines are ready for high mileage use. You don’t have to hold back when you drop one in your Integra.

Quotes Online or By Phone For Our Integra Engines

You get our price fast. We let you make your decision to buy at that time or you can call when you are ready. Fill out the Integra quote form and you’ll get our crate price by email. It’s super fast and really easy. You’ll see why we are the premier crate engines dealer online.