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JDM Engines in Charleston

Engines that you can buy in JDM form are on sale here in Charleston, SC. We have our own facility where we provide preowned and reman inventory. You get to choose which variant you want when you use this automotive website. The size of our warehouse continues to grow and we are always updating prices. Find JDM engines in Charleston, South Carolina daily here.

We will ship right to your location. If you are fixing up your car, there is nothing better than swapping the block. Your ride means everything. It is your main source of transportation. When you are stranded, it is a helpless feeling. Even though Honda and Toyota make great vehicles, motor failures are quite common.

The B-Series blocks are in demand. We have them. Builds from Mitsubishi and Acura are also in with what we retail. The only decision that you need to make as a consumer is how much to spend. Because of planning ahead for discounts, we generally have pretty good price tag.

We do acquire items to retail from junk yards and pick-a-part type of companies. What is removed from a vehicle includes all of the parts on the block. Nothing is removed that originally came with the assembly. This method of taking a part a vehicle is the preferred one that our partners adhere to.

Both I4 and V6 are two options that you will find in our warehouse. We do the rebuilds and we overview the second hand JDM motors. It is all spelled out in our warranty what we are protecting and what we cannot. Making the mistake of purchasing something that looks good but runs poorly is unfortunately common.

Through compression tests and other validations, we know that we can sell to you is top notch. The same thing cannot be said for local engine dealers in Charleston. You never know what you are buying unless you remove the block yourself.

Used JDM Motors Shipped to Charleston

Shipments leave from our company routed to all places around Charleston County each day. People who have the confidence in our inventory are never surprised at what they get delivered. Everything checks out and there is no need to apply for a warranty claim. You just drop in the motor and everything else is good to go. A quote in price that includes what you might pay for shipping is what you can receive here online.

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