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Rebuilt Subaru Outback Engines for Sale

When Subaru introduced the Outback in 1995, the idea was to have their own SUV in an expanding sports utility vehicle market. Commonly called a crossover because it is a dual purpose vehicle. The car has been through four generations of updates and is still in production. Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com fields lots of calls for remanufactured Subaru…

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JDM Subaru Legacy Engines

Subaru Legacy made its debut in the United States to a lukewarm review in 1989. Subaru did not have a foothold on the U.S. auto market yet. Buyers took to the 2.0L EJ engine but the styling of the Legacy did not win buyers over. Years of development finally paid off for Subaru when a…

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Rebuilt Subaru Forester JDM Engines

Subaru Forester has been in production since since 1997. This vehicle first started as a crossover wagon.  The current configuration is a midsize SUV. This vehicle was announced in the USA market in 1998. The Subaru Outback was a leading vehicle during this time. The Forester was the vehicle that replaced the Outback. While the…

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Subaru JDM Engines for Sale

The name Subaru is consistent with JDM engine blocks globally. As a world leader in auto engineering, racing and consumer products are built. Choosing a quality importer for reliable blocks does not have to be difficult. Someone trying to find a reputable company to buy Subaru JDM engines for sale online can shop here 24…

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New Subaru SVX Engines for Sale

Not-so-popular cars doesn’t mean bad cars, and the Subaru SVX is a good example. This vehicle was produced as a mid-sized coupe between 1991 and 1997 and represented a new direction for Subaru, namely the production of a luxury car that also had some muscle and above average performance. New Subaru SVX Engines for Sale…

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Subaru EZ30 Engine for Sale

Subaru built its EZ30 engine and used it inside of its Legacy and Outback vehicles starting in the year 1999. While first manufactured for the Japanese market, demand grew quickly for an offering in North American cars. The production period between 2000 and 2007 showcased the 3.0-liter to domestic car owners. Someone can easily buy…

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