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New Subaru SVX Engines for Sale

Not-so-popular cars doesn’t mean bad cars, and the Subaru SVX is a good example. This vehicle was produced as a mid-sized coupe between 1991 and 1997 and represented a new direction for Subaru, namely the production of a luxury car that also had some muscle and above average performance. New Subaru SVX Engines for Sale # 864597 are at the lowest prices ever. Buy now.

Often known as the Alcyone, the SVX was the highest priced model ever manufactured and sold by Subaru up to that time, and it was powered by the 3.3L EG33 flat-6 horizontally opposed engine. This engine is a close companion to the EJ22, which is, as many Subaru owners are aware, the engine that is installed in the early versions of the Legacy vehicle. The EG33 was the largest engine ever included in a Subaru vehicle for some years, until it was surpassed by the 3.6L EZ36 that came standard in the Tribeca.

Although less than 20,000 Subaru SVX vehicles were ever sold in the United States, owners of this car today wonder how to replace or modify the engine. As previously stated, this engine is not too different than the larger units found in today’s Subaru vehicles, but if you have one of them and it needs replacing, where would you turn?

Check out our inventory and look for this engine or comparable package. It is almost certain that you will find a rebuilt unit for sale, or locate one that has been remanufactured to specifications acceptable by a SVX and its transmission.

It is fun to go online and see if older engines are still available, and if they are, what the best pricing deal is. In my experience, we have the best selection of vehicle engines in stock or as a rebuild order, and chances are the owners of discontinued models will not be disappointed.

Another good reason to choose this company is because they offer both short and long-term warranties on many of their engine products, something not widely available, especially on engines that have been discontinued. The professional staff works with every individual to secure the EXACT engine needed for the specific model and trim of nearly every foreign and domestic vehicle.

Got an old Subaru Alcyone SVX? Chances are you can extend its life with an affordable engine replacement.