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Subaru EZ30 Engine for Sale

Subaru built its EZ30 engine and used it inside of its Legacy and Outback vehicles starting in the year 1999. While first manufactured for the Japanese market, demand grew quickly for an offering in North American cars. The production period between 2000 and 2007 showcased the 3.0-liter to domestic car owners. Someone can easily buy an EZ30 engine for sale using this website.

Subaru EZ30 Engine Specs

The listed cubic centimeters of 2999 is what is found in the official documentation of all H6 and GT30 enabled vehicles. The overall compression is rated at 10:7:1. The complete power level up to 6000 RPM sported a base 217 horsepower. This did provide measurable torque in such a small 6-cylinder block. All editions that were marketed internationally were DOHC versions.

There are actually two different EX30 crate engines in existence. The first uses a minimum single exhaust port for each head on the block. While the block is a cast aluminum design, it was only built for use with automatically controlled transmission assemblies. The second build offers three ports for exhaust split across the heads. This edition was enabled for manual transmissions.

Easy EZ30 Engine Swap

While not recognized as one of the top JDM motors available, the Subaru Outback and Legacy 3.0L is quite easy to swap. Most people prefer to complete the job alone without using a mechanic or automotive body shop. The basics of motor disassembly are not difficult to learn for someone who has some experience changing out auto parts in domestic or foreign cars.

JDM Pros does supply used Subaru Legacy EZ30 engines at a discounted price here online. These are supplied in preowned and in rebuilt condition. Depending on the needs of a consumer, mileage will usually vary between the various VIN numbers in stock. What is most important for someone who will initiate the swap of a 3.0L V6 motor is the length of parts warranty protection supplied.

Buy Complete Subaru Motor Blocks

Every block that is up for sale and quoted in price on this website is in complete condition. These are certified units that have passed all required testing. All parts are OEM and have been verified through inspection. A warranty policy is included. The terms of freight can be different for a consumer versus an auto parts supply shop. All rates are presented accurately during the process of quoting the shippable inventory here online.

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