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Honda Insight Engines for Sale

The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric car. Introduced in 2000 as a subcompact car, it was redesigned as a compact sized car when it was introduced as the ZE2 generation ll 2006 Insight. As you may know by now, hybrids use an electric and gasoline engine to provide power and recharge the batteries. Confused, we have both Honda Insight engines for sale for less here online.

On the generation l Insight came a hybrid system using gasoline engine model L ECA. The EC series engine is used in the gasoline/electric Honda Insight Hybrid. This 3 cylinder Engine is a SOHC [single overhead camshaft] 12 valve consuming .9 liters/995 cc/ 60.7 cu in-DK.

The ECA1 produces 68 hp @ 5700 rpm. The ECA1 motor is assisted when necessary by a 10 kW permanent magnet DC electric motor adding 8 horsepower throughout the entire RPM range. When operating together, maximum power and recharging is occurring.

The Insight uses the Honda’s first generation of Integrated Motor Assist [IMA] hybrid technology. Integrated Motor Assist which is an acronym for IMA is special design technology for Honda’s hybrid cars, being introduced in 1999 on the Insight.

It uses an electric motor mounted between the gasoline engine and transmission to act as:
1. a starter motor, engine balancer,
2. assist traction motor.

In its first generation, IMA could not power the car on electricity alone, and could only use the motor to assist or start the engine.

The second generation Insight uses a very similar setup, except the gasoline motor is 1.3 liters in size, engine model LDA and is an inline 4cylinder engine, instead of 3 cylinders. Model designation for said engine is 1-DS1+3 stage i-vtec. A SOHC, engine used in the Honda Civic hybrid also, model FD3.

When you start to speak about hybrid cars and engine or motor replacement, the amount of people who have been trained properly is not as high as you might think. My suggestion is to speak with someone trained in said field.

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