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KLZE Engine for Sale

The KLZE is a Mazda performance engine put up for sale in multiple cars nationally. You can still find this assembly when you know where to shop. Do not be fooled by a company telling you that the only way to get one is to import it. JDM Pros has a full inventory of low mileage KLZE engine for sale assemblies here on this website.

Specs of the KLZE Block

The displacement is 2.5 liter. The best performance you will get out of the block is about 200 horsepower. The camshaft was specially designed to provide more airflow. The compression ratio you receive is 10:0:1. Any reputable dealer will confirm the specs of the block before you go and try to order.

You have to be sure receive the actual assembly you pay for. The KL series is an in demand block that we have. You can order these in used or rebuilt condition from us. We have a full service facility where we provide reman and preowned editions.

Car Using the Mazda K Engine

There are really only three options to install the 2.5 when you get it delivered. The first is the Mazda 626. This vehicle was mass produced for sale in the North American market. These vehicles are still easy to find and will accept the four-cylinder without having to modify anything.

The Japanese MX6 is harder to find, but it is not an impossible feat. You can locate these at swap meets or trade shows. These vehicles were imported at one time although are smaller in numbers than the regular 626.

The KLZE can be installed in the Ford Probe for more power. It is nearly effortless to bolt this block down and easily swap a defective 2.5 liter engine. The GT version is what people try to locate if they do not already own a Ford vehicle to install the KLZE.

Buy Used Mazda Motors Here

Now you understand the specs. You rated the horsepower. You know to double check compression ratios prior to placing an order. You can do a lot of tests. What you want to know is how much you will pay. Let our price estimator tool do the work on your behalf. Tap on the price tool and get started. It is mobile friendly.

You can call our shop by phone. Even though we rebuild and stock pile second hand inventory, we answer all calls quickly. Getting you want you need is our number one priority. We ship locally as well as outside of our regional area. Your warranty terms are really easy to learn and we always support you after your order.