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Rebuilt Mitsubishi Lancer Engines for Sale

When I first looked up the Lancer, I was shocked to see how many vehicles are a derivative of it. The reason for this post is to help you determine what Rebuilt Mitsubishi Lancer Engines for sale suit your interests and needs. So I am going to focus on the American models, ones sold in the US only. The Mitsubishi Lancer was introduced to the American public in 1977.

Thus the first generation ran from 1973 to 1979 in other parts of the world. It is called model A70 and came with three different engines: 1.2L, 1.4L and 1.6L four cylinder engines. Later in the first generation Lancer a 2 liter and 2.6 liter engine was released.

The second generation was made from 1977 to 1988 and had no code numbers or letters attached to it. Mitsubishi opened up the engine lineup in the second gen. models, including a couple of turbocharged engines: names and codes are below. We can sell remanufactured variants for prices you won’t believe, check it out and call.

4G62 1.8 L SOHC Turbo I4
4G62 1.8 L SOHC I4
4G33 / 4G12 1.4 L SOHC I4
4G32 1.6 L SOHCl4
4G11 1.2 L SOHC l4
4G63 2.0 L OHC Turbo l4 (EX 2000 Turbo)

I’m going to jump ahead instead of reciting every detail about every model. It seems like a waste of time when you can easily get an exact match with a short call . They can ID your engine accurately using your VIN [vehicle Identification Number] in a short time.

The main idea is to teach you why a remanufactured engine is the most cost effective and top option available. First, the cost is lower than you think, so make the call. It only takes a second. When you consider the big picture, you will find that the amount of miles you receive from a remanufactured engine from us is going to be more than your original motor.

Some of the reasons for more lifespan and better performance is the fact that all remanufactured engines have every factory approved update installed while it is being remanufactured. Thus we build pure value into every engine we sell.

The reward is a lifetime of trouble free performance. When you have to make a repair of this magnitude, the best replacement engine, will always provide the peace of mind you need. So call one of our highly intelligent representatives and let them do their job, teach you how to buy an engine that suits your needs 100%.