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Mitsubishi Montero Remanufactured Engines

Mitsubishi Montero was created in 1982 and released with a range of economical engines. The 3.0 was the one most chosen by drivers around the world. This Mitsubishi 4×4 had true V6 power that was truly one of a kind in its time period. Going up personally against Nissan, Ford and Chevrolet was one thing that took guts and a little bit of luck. Thankfully the Montero did well. Hundreds of thousands of this automobile were produced in the U.S. alone. We have Mitsubishi Montero JDM engines ready to ship to any location in the United States. Get an extended Mitsubishi warranty with your purchase.

Over three generations of the Montero ended up in U.S. production plants. While the production ended for the Montero in 2006, it still lives on in many European countries as a top vehicle. This is one of the main reasons why you can still find this motor in our current lineup. This is offered in rebuilt versions and is always less expensive compared with buying a new V6 motor. The JDM market is not difficult to have engines imported when you have buying power like we do. We secure excellent used engine deals and remanufacture these to come out with expertly rebuilt Mitsubishi engines.

Mitsubishi Montero JDM Rebuilt Engines

Not many U.S. remanufacturing companies work with foreign engines. There are several reason for this. The first is that importing parts and used engines can become expensive. This especially is true for a small dealer. The training that is required to disassemble and assemble JDM motors is intense. Most companies cannot make the time or financial investment that is required for this training. We have put our Mitsubishi mechanics through certified programs of training to ensure what we get is OEM quality engines. These mechanics put their reputation on the line and do all of the work that is showcased in our engines right here in our own shop. We import engines but we don’t import remanufacturing. All that we do is finished using our own equipment and expert tools.

Your search for a Montero engine is now over. We know that a price tag doesn’t mean a lot regardless of how low or high the numbers are on it. What you care about is the way that the engine operates when the ignition is started. We have already removed the level of fear and stress that always comes with an online purchase. You can’t hear these engines before you buy them. We know that. What we do is put them through our Mitsubishi testing programs to make sure they remain top quality. Getting a V6 engine for the lowest price you can find is a great feeling.

Mitsubishi Montero Remanufactured Engines Quotes 

Pricing can make or break an engine deal and we understand that. This is why we’ve reorganized our own website to serve customers faster and better. Use the Montero V6 engine quote form that is here on this website. It does all of the work that our engines experts do over the phone. What you find is that pricing is not hassle here and our prices are just as low as we claim them to be.