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JDM Honda Accord Engines

Honda Accord was originally released in the 1970s. It wasn’t until the fourth generation cars were produced that American buyers were enticed to buy. The now infamous 2.2L engine was selected for the start of the 1990 year. The Accord was undergoing major changes for Honda. Both engine and design changes were made according to buyer demands. The long lived 2.0L engine was upgraded to the 2.2L. This brought a minimum of 150 horsepower. You can find these Honda Accord JDM engines priced right and sold quickly in our inventory. We’re one of the most respected JDM motor sellers online.

There are two types of Honda motors. These are the VTEC and non-VTEC. The 2.2 is a non-VTEC engine. We also sell the 2.3L that happens to be one of the best VTEC engines produced. The Civic uses variations of each of these engines. One car usually dominates the sales market and the other models follow suit. Honda has been no stranger to making great engines for decades. The technology is better. The performance is better. The price is even cheaper. There are many reasons why JDM engines are in demand. What you’ll find here is an assortment of rebuilt engines for all car makes and models. Our top notch engine builders know exactly what they are doing.

Honda Accord JDM Engines

Mileage on used engines varies between domestic engines. When it comes to foreign engines, the mileage is typically less on the block. Part of the demand in foreign engines has little to do with the increased performance. The lower than standard engine block mileage is usually what people are after. We have the same goals in mind when buying motors to sell. We start with ones that have mileage lower than any other engines online. What puts our work over the top is when we recondition the motor perfectly. We are able to save vehicle owners thousands of dollars by purchasing a rebuilt JDM motor.

Finding qualified mechanics to perform Japanese engine rebuilds is not easy. We’ve built our team through the years. All of our professionals are dedicated and strictly work on Honda motors. These pros are able to recondition any Civic or Accord motor. Both the 2.2L and the 2.3L motors make up part of our Honda engine inventory. Getting customers what they need is one way to get them to come back. Providing customers with a great engine makes them a customer for life. We understand this concept. All of our work comes with our rebuilt engine warranty. Our JDM engines holdup to all the regular wear and tear put on a drivable engine.

Honda Accord JDM Engines Quotes

Buying online should never scare you. Getting quotes is how you find out our discounted price. We’re a legitimate seller that owns our own warehouse. We’re not in the used engine industry. Get a quote right now using our rebuilt JDM engine quotation form. Input your information and what you receive is a definite low price.