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Infiniti M35X Engines

Infiniti has a long history with the M series of cars. The M35 model being discussed is considered a modern generation car. Separate in every way from the first gen. and made from 1990 to 1992. This is a second generation car, made from 2005 until 2010. It uses a 3.5 liter V6 engine for power. Interested engine buyers want to know exactly how to buy an Infiniti M35X engine for sale that suits the cars quality and reliability level.

Lets start with understanding that the M35 only comes with one engine. The name plate indicates which model car and the engine it will have. A side note: The M45 uses a V8 engine only.

It’s not that hard to determine which engine comes in certain Infiniti’s. The car itself is a full sized luxury sedan. It uses a hi technology front engine – rear wheel drive arrangement, and uses the G25/350Z/FX Nissan FM platform.

The name of said platform comes from the front mid-ship location of the engine, referring to the engine being located somewhat behind the front axle, thus shifting the weight to the middle of the car, changing the weight distribution more to the rear axle. The engine is pushed as far back as possible, creating a weight distribution that’s close to 50:50, improving handling and allowing for better braking.

Called the VQ35DE engine, it consumes 3.5 liters, or 3498 cc [cubic centimeters] in size. All VQ engines are six cylinder arrangements made by Nissan. Using an all aluminum alloy block and heads. It is a DOHC [double overhead camshaft] design and uses Nissan’s sequential multi point fuel injection [MPFI], Wards has honored this engine by placing it in it’s top ten engines of the year every year since it’s inception.

The ratio of engines to engine failures for the above motor is one of the smallest in the industry. But, oodles of VQ engines have been produced, so the reality is plenty of these engines need replacement.

With that thought in mind, especially if you are looking for a replacement VQ35DE engine to buy, the best values in replacement engines are Remanufactured engines. I say this because A. remanufactured motors are not nearly as expensive as most people expect, and B. nothing can replace the reliability and true value a re-manned engine provides.