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Toyota JDM Engines for Sale Rebuilt

The history of Toyota and its engines especially JDM is broad. The sale of sports cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and other vehicles happens globally. Unlike some manufacturers of automobiles, product development is number one at TMC. Right from this website, a person has his or her pick of many Toyota JDM engines for sale in rebuilt condition.

List of JDM Toyota Cars

Importing of authentic Japanese Domestic Market products is not easy. It takes a coordinated group of suppliers and middlemen to make it happen. A large majority of what is sold as imports on eBay or Craigslist are actually USDM products. These are not real JDM blocks. Anything that is shipped from our warehouse includes a valid product number.

Automobiles that can be fitted with Toyota import motors include:

1. Supra
2. MR2
3. Corolla
4. Celica
5. T100
6. Hilux
7. Alteeza
8. Solara
9. Starlet
10. Chaser
11. Soarer
12. Caldina
13. Highlander
14. Aristo / Lexus GS
15. Cressida
16. Paseo
17. Rav4
18. Cresta
19. Matrix
20. Tundra
21. Sienna
22. RX300
23. Scion

While we do not support every motor vehicle, consumers are pretty happy with our offerings. The quality of our rebuilt Toyota motors for sale is very high. It is just like purchasing a new one from a dealership. The only thing different is the lower market price. One of the hidden values is in the precise detail work.

List of Import Motors

A lot of blocks were built from 1980 until the mid 2000s. Base models, upgrades and slight variations in power levels do exist. Someone who is only interested in a quick swap will find good stock here to buy. The following is a list of swaps most popular in the USA and Canada:

1. 5SFE
2. 2AZFE
3. 22R
4. 5VZFE
5. 1ZZFE
6. 2ZZGE
7. 3SGE
8. 7MGE
9. 1UZFE
10. 3UZFE
11. 3SFE
12. 4AGE
13. 7AFE
14. 1JZGTE
15. 2JZGTE
16. 1NZFE
17. 3RZFE
18. 3VZFE

We are able to support many of the builds that appear in this list. What can be shipped out depends on our current inventory. We are constantly rebuilding assemblies with OEM specs. It is common knowledge that reconditioned parts last a lot longer than used ones will. This period of use is further extended with a components plan that we offer.

Quality of I4 and V6 Engines

The majority of automotive purchasers throughout the world depend on Toyota. This trickles down to mechanics, rebuilders and resellers who also give high marks to foreign automakers. It does take an expert skill to refurbish a preowned motor by Toyota. Through the sale of excellent products, we earn loyalty and long-term customers.

No one wants to pay for a dirty block. Unfortunately, there are some companies selling online that choose unclean stock. A cleaning procedure apart from compression testing is a part of our quality control. We are proud of what we distribute. No oil-soaked stock is shipped out of our warehouse. There are many differences in what is being sold here and through our businesses.

Parts Warranty Included

Excessive mileage without maintenance will ultimately kill any motor. Regular usage does not degrade well-built components. A problem with many remanufacturing centers is the exclusion of a parts and labor warranty. Too many businesses that retail inventory have really short coverage. It is for this reason that anyone purchasing from our company receives longer warranties.

For a period of one year from the data of purchase, protection is offered. The exact terms, exclusion and conditions are set forth in the policy upon order fulfillment. This does make it easier when placing orders. No person goes unprotected when ordering auto parts here. This is one example of a long-term commitment to customer service.

Quotes for Toyota Rebuilt Motors

Price lists go out of data quickly. The costs to repair and replace components during a rebuild also fluctuate. For these reasons, we have adopted a quote-based computer system. One that is professionally designed. The exact selling price of import inventory is calculated using this process. This process can be completed on this website using any Internet enabled device.

For people who prefer offline communication, calling by phone is easy too. The experienced support staff never hurry you off the phone. It takes time to learn about engine details. Requesting mileage counts, freight estimates or other information is effortless over the phone. An order can then be processed and shipped out to a North American delivery address.