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Nissan JDM Engines for Sale Rebuilt

Nissan engines in JDM builds are rebuilt here each day. We are experts in import automotive inventory. Straight from our warehouse, people receive fast deliveries nationally. The truth is that there are few retailers selling authentic Nissan JDM engines for sale. Our trained and focused rebuilding team hand tools every block sold to USA and Canadian consumers here.

Vehicles Supporting JDM Blocks

The North American market does not receive every vehicle made by Nissan. This is due to import laws and other regulations. For decades nationally, people have been trying to import motor blocks not sold domestically. There are plenty of automobiles that have been manufactured that accept Japanese Domestic Market blocks. A sample of these vehicles includes the following types:

1. Skyline GTR
2. Skyline R32
3. Skyline R33
4. Silvia
5. Fairlady Z
6. 300ZX
7. Altima
8. 240SX
9. 200SX
10. Pathfinder
11. Pulsar
12. Stanza
13. Rogue
14. Primera
15. Quest

Brands like Infiniti and Mercury have marketed cars with Nissan-made blocks. Some of these were sold in minivans and other automobiles. Both diesel and gasoline types were manufactured. The most common are the four-cylinder and six-cylinder editions. Nissan did produce turbocharged motors for many of its builds used in Japan.

List of Nissan Import Engines

Every retailer depends on a supply team. It is the work performed by these experts that gets results. We are thankful that we have secured arrangements globally. This allows our company to acquire and make for sale rebuilt Nissan motors online. Through our partnerships, we have the ability to support the following builds:

1. QR25DE
2. VQ35DE
3. QR20DE
4. SR20DET
6. FJ20ET
7. CA18DET
8. VG30E
9. SR18DE
10. KA24DE
11. SR20VE
12. VH45DE
13. GA16DE
14. RB20DET

From time to time, we do have used inventory that is on sale. This is separate from our reconditioned versions. Anything that can be shipped out is clearly marked for its condition. This provides plenty of options to choose between when swapping a foreign automobile engine. There is value in the entire parts inventory that we distribute to paying consumers daily.

Why Have Nissan Engines Rebuilt

The simple answer is quality. It is that simple. Anyone can pull out a used performance motor out of a vehicle. How do you determine the condition? Traditionally, a mechanic or service professional makes an evaluation. This is the only way someone could validate the mileage. After a close review, internal parts are examined as well as exterior specs.

1. Parts Last Longer

When there is little or no maintenance put into a block, bad things can happen. Even following manufacturer guides is no guarantee that problems will never be present. Hand rebuilding a motor takes time. New parts are put on and old ones are taken off. This is the core of a remanufacturing job.

2. Better Warranties

Few retailers will ever cover a preowned unit. Even if one will, the coverage lasts less than six months. Through expert reconditioning efforts, warranty protection is extended. This is because components changed out have a much longer coverage period than rusted out ones have.

3. Good Return on Investment

No much of a price difference exists for used or rebuilt Nissan engines. Many people choose to go with a second hand model to save a little money. In the long run, it is refurbished models that last the longest. This provides an excellent ROI for swaps and replacements.

Buy Nissan Engines Online

JDM Pros is a trusted and experienced source to purchase import auto engines online. Through development of our computer system, we allow price checking instantly. The intelligent quote tool built here does a lot for consumers. It not only allows a peek into our warehouse, but it simplifies comparing retail versus discount MSRP.

Any of the stock numbers that are listed on this page can be searched in our database. Something ready to ship nationwide will be displayed. While it helps to have a VIN number available, it is not required. Our experts will give you the sticker price data. You can choose to view this on the web or by e-mail. Offline customer support is always provided by telephone.