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Suzuki Vitara Engines for Sale

The Suzuki Vitara is one of a number of vehicles with multiple names and variations depending on where you live in the world. It was first introduced in North America in 1988 as the Vitara. It’s also known as the Suzuki Sidekick by many people. It’s global market is huge and there is an assortment of engines made for this vehicle, some of which only came in North American made Vitara’s.

The first generation made from 1988 to 1998. What is remarkable about this vehicle is it was marketed under 11 different names for different markets globally. Here is a list: Asüna Sunrunner, Chevrolet Tracker, Chevrolet Vitara, Geo Tracker, GMC Tracker, Mazda Proceed Levante, Pontiac Sunrunner, Santana 300/ 350, Suzuki Vitara, Suzuki Escudo and Suzuki Sidekick.

First generation Vitara owners that need replacement engines should consider a remanufactured engine simply because the pricing is quite reasonable and the value you get with a fully reconditioned engine far exceeds any other form of replacement engine. In most cases, used engines for older models have more mileage on them than we feel comfortable with and therefore a re-manned engine is easily the best avenue to take.

If you know which remanufactured Suzuki Vitara Engine for Sale you need, call right now. Expect fast and accurate service.

For the second generation, the Vitara was fully redesigned. The Sidekick name was dropped and a V6 engine was added to the lineup. I did not mention this yet, but the Vitara is a front engine front wheel drive/four wheel drive vehicle. So it’s important to note that it is not of the transverse design. Made from 1999 to 2004, it came as a three door wagon, a 3 door convertible and a 5 door SUV.

Finally the third generation made from 2005 and on offers some really nice power-plants, including a turbocharged diesel and a 24 valve 2.7 liter V6. Here is a list of them, some of them are not made by Suzuki:
1.6L 16v I4 stands for inline 4 cylinder engine
2.0L J20A 139 hp 16v I4
2.4L VVT J24B 16v 169 hp l4 [VVT is an acronym for Variable Valve Timing]
2.7L V6 185 hp 24v
1.9L Turbodiesel I4
3.2L VVT V6 D-VVT 232 hp.

In reality it can be somewhat confusing for the average person, in fact some mechanics don’t get it either. For the most accurate information regarding which engine is in your Vitara, place a call right now to Remanufacturedenginesforsale.com and receive a free education in choosing a suitable motor for your purposes.

A few minutes on the phone and a world of knowledge leads to a better decision. Our happy customers prove that every day. For a warranty that can’t be beaten, and pure value built into every engine we sell, do yourself a favor and call right now. Our customer service will exceed your expectations by a mile.