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Mitsubishi JDM Engines for Sale

The engines built by Mitsubishi do include JDM versions. Some people might be familiar with Diamond Star Motors (DSM). This was the corporation setup between American based Chrysler and Mitsubishi in the USA. The agreement was to sell the Eclipse and other automobiles globally. There are popular Mitsubishi JDM engines for sale on this website.

Compatible Cars List

There were automobiles built that were released in different areas of the world. Some were exclusive to Japan while others were sold in Australia. To import the best value blocks, we have working arrangements with a variety of suppliers. Someone unsure about compatibility can review the following list of cars that use engines we provide:

1. Outlander
2. Lancer GSR
3. 3000GT
4. Galant
5. Colt Vista
6. Lancer EVO
7. Legnum
8. Pajero
9. Mighty Max

The authenticity of a motor is important. Some retailers sell USDM as JDM. Technically, blocks that are original Japanese Domestic Market products can only be retailed at authentic versions. Anything list on this page is original unless an American-made replacement is available.

Popular Mitsubishi Motor Swaps

Something that is unique to foreign automotive parts is diversity. Instead of a regular four-cylinder or six-cylinder block, things like a turbocharger are available. These are grouped as performance series engines.

Companies in the import components business take requests for standard and turbo inventory daily. Our company is no different. The following are the most commonly requested engines:

1. 6G72DE
2. 3G83
3. 4G94
4. 6G72
5. 6G72DETT
6. 4G64
7. 4G63
8. 4G63T

The classifications for rebuilt Mitsubishi engines are either SOHC or DOHC. Most of the models built from 1990 to 2002 were single overhead cam versions. The 4G series was the first venture into the dual overhead cam option. Each of these types can be purchased on this website.

Reliable Mitsubishi Engines in Stock

One of the first questions that someone asks about a foreign brand is based on quality. Something like “Are Mitsubishi engines reliable” is typical. Just like Honda, finer quality parts make all the difference in building a high-RPM motor. The factory specifications needed to professionally rebuild a 3G, 4G or 6G series block are upheld in our inventory.

Some American or Canadian buyers prefer to purchase used assemblies. From time to time, these are placed in our warehouse. Mileage numbers are always validated prior to shipments taking place. This system is in place to provide an honest experience for customers.

How to Buy Replacement Motors

Every person should engage in some form of research. The MSRP or listed discount price of a retailer may not tell the entire background of a motor. Learning the reputation of a company is only one phase of good research. Anyone can become an experienced buyer.

1. Ask About Mileage

It is not very helpful to replace a bad motor with a higher mileage variant. A good rule of thumb is to inquire about total block mileage. This is usually verified by a supplier or distributor prior to acquiring stock to resell to the public. JDM Pros has this info on file.

2. Double-Check Condition

A typical bait-and-switch tactic by online retailers is the use of alternative photos. Obviously, putting a photograph of a brand new Mitsubishi motor will help increase sales. The reality for many people is that inventory can come in any exterior or interior condition. We accurately describe what we sell on this website and by telephone.

3. Get Freight Guarantee

Getting priority shipping is important. Logistics companies that move freight in the automotive industry are not all equal. From high pricing to slow deliveries, a lot of issues can be experienced by a customer. We guarantee the estimate for shipping is accurate in total cost as well as the delivery time frame.

4. Find Out About Warranties

Once products are delivered, many companies cut off warranties at the 30 or 90-day mark. Even though some motors are remanufactured and assembled by hand, defects can still be present. We always let adults who buy our products know about our standard terms. A one-year period of protection is our regular policy offered.

Expedited Price Quotes

Before anyone can attempt to buy, a price must be calculated. The terms of sale are the same for everyone ordering here. What changes is the delivery costs to a business or residential location. What we provide here is an expedited price system. Our warehouse is linked in real time to our sales department. Things in stock are ready to ship.

To get the most out of these features, use our system for price quotations. We have designed this website to be super user-friendly. If you have a VIN number, you can add this to automatically generate your customized price quote. If you would rather call by phone, no one beats our customer service. Ask any question and get a detailed answer.