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Honda JDM Engines for Sale Rebuilt or Used

Good condition Honda car engines for a sale price are found here. Too many people make a mistake when ordering second hand products online. It can take a decade or more to establish a relationship with a supplier or distributor. We have mastered importing. People who shop here pay less for JDM Honda engines for sale in used and rebuilt versions.

Compatible Japanese Motors

The USDM and Japanese Domestic Market inventory are entirely different. While some people do successfully swap blocks, many components are not compatible. Before we purchase stock to resell to a consumer, we double-check compatibility. If you own a Honda motor vehicle, you can be sure that the following models are supported:

1. Accord
2. Civic
3. Integra
4. CRX
5. SiR
6. Del Sol
7. Prelude
8. RSX
9. Vigor
10. Orthia

There are some trim variations for vehicle brands. Sometimes, the blocks are interchangeable. It can be hard for a consumer to know whether a vintage or late model version will fit successfully. The sales team here at JDM Pros offers daily customer service. Choosing the correct replacement Honda motor online has never been simpler.

Most Swapped Honda Engines

The early 1990s VTEC and later non-VTEC are in the group of the most swapped blocks. There are common traits found in the air flow technology that makes owning a four-cylinder or six-cylinder worth it. Through our foreign acquisitions, we are able to keep our warehouse full.

1. D17A1, 1.7L, I4
2. D17A, 1.7L, I4
3. D16Y7, 1.6L, I4
4. D16Y8, 1.6L, I4
5. D15B, 1.5L, I4
6. F23A, 2.3L, I4
7. B20B, 2.0L, I4
8. F22B, 2.2L, I4
9. H23A, 2.3L, I4
10. J30A, 3.0L, V6

This list is in no way complete. There are many versions of motors that are swapped globally. In the USA and Canada, this list represents the most requested on this website. People who end up on this portal can choose any of the units in stock at a great price.

Why Honda Makes Good Motors

Engineering is taken seriously in Japan. Most of the DOHC and SOHC manufacturing has proven to be the most profitable across Honda subsidiaries. By increasing the amount of air flow through the camshaft, the variable valve timing was born. Many automakers are now using a similar system to increase horsepower in small engine blocks.

1. Global Experience

Aside from domestic production, Honda Motor Company produces more inventory per capita than other companies. The torque, fuel economy and a lower cost are all appreciated by consumers. The hand rebuilt inventory and certified preowned stock on sale here is shines well on the import auto parts community.

2. Easy to Work On

Ask any tuner about how easy it is to pull and work on an Acura or Honda motor. For the most part, vehicles are not built with digital components that people cannot understand. Pulling out a part and replacing one with an OEM guarantee is pretty neat. There are plenty of service centers that pull and drop in car engines nationwide for consumers who buy our inventory.

3. Guaranteed Parts

There is usually a three-year minimum for a basic powertrain warranty. This is two years longer than most American companies. The tooling standards and good quality control lead to long-lasting components. We use these very components for each reconditioned assembly.

4. Huge Support Community

There are informative forums that teach installation tips and help solve problems on the Internet. These are dedicated to JDM and USDM blocks. In many areas of the world, there are few inexpensive repair facilities. A lot of people work on parts when these fail. With the help of a good web community, people are able to disassemble and reassemble the very inventory that we sell on a daily basis.

Extended Warranty Plans

Ordering a JDM Honda engine without a warranty is not a good idea. There are eBay, Craigslist and other web retailers that allow anyone to sell auto parts. We are one of a small group of companies that have invested into providing long-term coverage options. At no cost to a consumer, a warranty that covers replaceable parts is shipped with all stock.

The regular term of coverage is 12 months from the point of purchase. This is adequate time for someone to determine the quality of a used Honda car engine in our warehouse. People who beat motors to death will likely be limited in coverage. All in all, it makes a lot of sense to buy an I4 or V6 assembly that is protected.

Low Pricing and Mileage

Let’s face it: we know how to sell inventory. Across the country, deliveries happen daily due to our freight arrangements. Quotes in price are one of the features on our site. Low mileage is just one aspect of making an error-free purchase. It does help when learning the internal and exterior condition of motors. Some people hide these details due to selling inferior products. Our company takes care of its customers in every way.

Get Instant Price Quotes

To purchase anything list on this page, the quotation system in place shows all discounts off the MSRP. A warranty is provided for all gaskets, hoses and pieces attached to complete builds on sale. Choosing a JDM provider able to handle any request is not easy. We ease the minds of the public through attention to detail and satisfaction guarantees.

If an e-commerce solution does not work for a customer, we have an offline support system we use. A direct-to-support phone number can be called. This is a primary way to ask questions about mileage, returns or other essential information. The people who remanufacture our blocks answer the phone. You will never speak to a rude salesperson who asks immediately for your credit card number.