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Honda D16Y8 Engine for Sale Rebuilt to OEM Specs

Honda put its D16Y8 engine on the market for sale in 1996. This edition was the replacement for the Y7 block launched in 1990. Fans of the D-series motors will know that VTEC is normally associated with 1.6-liter displacement blocks. To get the most out of a swap, a steal of a price for a D16Y8 engine for sale is found on this website.

4-Cylinder SOHC D16Y8

Specs are not the only thing people want to know about a motor. Especially ones that are acquired using secondary sources. The basics of the 1.6L Honda VTEC engine are simple to understand. A single overhead cam (SOHC) airflow system is included.

The I4 D blocks are 16-valve versions. What this means is that there are four valves per cylinder. What is the horsepower on the D16Y8 engine? The answer is 127 hp. The performance can be upgraded with basic changes to components.

The compression ratio is the same for Acura EL, Civic EX and Del Sol cars. A 9:6:1 rating is part of the 6800 RPM red line limit. The total revolutions per minute is fixed at 7200. The standard 1598 cc (cubic centimeters) gives the D16 its displacement rating.

Rebuild Kit Versus Complete Block

The debate whether to improve motor condition by adding a rebuild kit is ongoing nationally. People who buy high mileage variants are ones who look for upgrade kits. By the time costs are calculated, it makes more sense to purchase a rebuilt D16Y8. Adding in the cost of preowned blocks plus kits to rebuild is way more expensive.

One thing to keep in mind when searching the web for price data is long-term warranties. Adding parts from a kit does extend existing warranty coverage on a second hand motor. Sticking with a reconditioned complete block is what offers the long-term coverage for worn parts.

Prices to Swap Honda VTEC Engines

The cost of freight, warranty plans and future maintenance should be part of a price estimate. What is on sale at this website is a true build acquired and refurbished by an expert. The pull out, parts removal, application and compression testing have already been conducted. This lowers the selling price dramatically. The fair estimate is given automatically here.

If someone does not use our warehouse tool on this page to view pricing, phone calls can provide extra information. We have a full-time staff waiting to provide help to customers. Our shipping rates are lower than most Honda JDM motor sellers. We spend as much time as needed with adults prior to them placing orders for our inventory.