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Rebuilt Honda Civic Engines

Honda Civic was first created in the 1970s and went up against some of the largest U.S. automakers. This slow start in sales lead to a major redesign in the late ’80s and into the early ’90s. The redesigned Civic was what the buying public grasped. The sleek exterior look and well defined JDM engine started the sales trend for Honda that remains to this day. Honda is now in its eighth generation of production for the Civic. Get the best prices for rebuilt Honda Civic engines right here on our website. We’re always providing the best online deals.

The creation of the VTEC or variable timing electronic control was a major breakthrough for Honda. The non-VTEC vehicles sold well although a big boost was given to the VTEC engines. The increase in horsepower and gas mileage was hard to ignore. A standard VTEC engine receives about 45 mpg compared to earlier models that receive only 30. This range in fuel mileage and superior horsepower has helped make these JDM engines popular. Doing a Honda Civic engine swap is a lot easier when you have a low mileage engine to use. Our JDM Honda engines are the lowest mileage we can possibly find.

Rebuilt Honda Civic Engines

It takes special education in the automobile world to recondition a JDM engine. These Japanese motors use technologies that are not found in domestic produced engines. Our team are JDM certified engine builders. This means they have completed programs that are certified by Honda. Nothing that is rebuilt here is something that you can find on an auction website. Our like new Civic engines give you the VTEC or non-VTEC performance that you demand. It’s simple getting something great when you know where to find it. We treat you right and give you a certified engine that has been rebuilt by our engine experts. All of this work comes with our extended Honda Civic engine warranty.

We give the care and attention that you’d expect from a preowned Honda engine rebuilder. All of our parts are truly genuine. Each gets applied in a professional manner and the engines as a whole are tested. These evaluations are what keep us from handling warranty claims. A JDM engine will last for a long time when it is rebuilt correctly. We send out engines to body shops, warranty centers that service foreign cars and to average car owners. We’re the choice for a lot of people online that don’t want a used engine. You can’t take the mileage off of any engine, but you can get it reconditioned like new by companies like us.

Rebuilt Honda Civic Engines Quotes

You can get a quote right now directly on this website. We’ll never make you wait. Put in the simple information that our Honda Civic engine form asks you to give. What you are given in exchange for this information is a completed quote. It’s easy to understand. You can review it and then call our team. We’re always waiting to help you. You can even ask for a quote online if that’s what you prefer. Get a great remanufactured Honda Civic engine now.