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Rebuilt Toyota 3VZE Engine 3.0L V6

What is the price for a 3VZE motor rebuilt? The exact cost for this V6 build is calculated on this website. It helps to know a bit about the block prior to ordering one. The short block 3.0-liter was manufactured in 1988. The 4Runner helped introduce consumers to the power of the revamped 6-cylinder base. Using this site, buying a rebuilt Toyota 3VZE engine 3.0L V6 is easy.

Specs for the 3VZE Motor

Unlike previous builds, there is no such thing as a DOHC base. Toyota produced the 3.0L as a SOHC. The cubic centimeters are 2598 cc. The top speed calculates to about 4800 RPM. People who are deciding between the 22RE vs 3.0 V6 search for the most horsepower available.

The performance level is between 145 hp and 150 hp for the 3VZE block. These specs are pretty much standard for a reconditioned or used build. Depending on how the motor was treated, the output could be affected by a previous owner.

Some people associate the 3.0-liter as a Toyota 4Runner motor. This is true although there are other automobiles that use it. The Hilux, only available in Japan, was a popular pickup. Some people hope to import an original JDM truck motor. The T100 is an American build that accepts the 6-cylinder.

Identifying V6 Toyota Engines

Not everyone has a dealer manual, service bulletin or a vehicle ID plate. To correctly identify the stamp, knowing the most common data is important. A typical 3VZE motor has a VIN V 4th digit code. This is not always the case, but is a good first start.

There are misconceptions that the 3VZ-FE is the same as the non-FE base. Nearly all of the components are not compatible. These cannot be swapped out or substituted. The remanufactured Toyota engines for sale here online are all based on OEM guidelines.

Price Finder for Toyota Inventory

Getting the chance to review and even compare a price is a huge help. Any person who uses the features on this website will become more informed. The direct link to the company warehouse at JDM Pros can be accessed. The database is very accurate and holds all price data.

This system is offered online or offline. Calling a parts specialist by phone is informative. A shipping quote, discount retail price and details about mileage are given out. Consumers are never in the dark when buying rebuilt products. A one-year warranty comes standard with each purchase.