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Rebuilt 22RE for Sale 2.4L Toyota

The 22RE engine from Toyota is rebuilt here. What’s the price? Use the quote system here to find an exact price plus the cost of shipping in the USA. The 22R launched the foundation for the 1983 marketed electronic fuel injection 2.4-liter. Known for its high mileage capability, the rebuilt 22RE for sale on this website is sold for a discount price.

Specs of the 2.4L Reman

The factory specs in Toyota dealer catalogs list 116 horsepower. The block calculation is 144 cubic inch displacement. The builds constructed from 1983 to 1985 were made from cast iron. These are unlike the aluminum base produced until the 1995 year.

Unfortunately, parts cannot be substituted on the older builds. Toyota made changes to the design, for the better, and OEM parts are required. The rebuilding procedure must be precise. Ensuring no changes to the camshaft, gaskets or oil pump is essential.

There is only one timing chain on the EFI version of the 22R block. This was much different from the early 1980s builds that had two chains. Tests are conducted to make certain no defects exist in the original motor design. The compression is 9:4:1.

22RE Engine Swap

Some people try to pay as less as possible to swap a 2.4. This means that the most common change is to a used motor. Mileage is the often the real killer in this situation. Old parts will always fail and should be replaced before a motor is dropped in.

The best way to save money is to purchase a remanufactured block. All of the difficult work has already been performed. All of the original parts are put back on or changed to new when needed. It is affordable to make changes to any Toyota compatible vehicle this way.

Buy 22RE Toyota Engines Here

Prices are always given accurately. A calculation process is part of the quotation procedure here. People input basic data including a VIN number and get a fair price tag in return. Some consumers find it necessary to call and speak to a motor expert by phone. This is offered daily.

Shipping fees are always precise and ever estimated. The quoted price will include charges for U.S. or Canadian deliveries. The phone number posted here is the day-to-day service center. Even on Saturday, anyone can call and get detailed information about reconditioned 22RE engines on sale.