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Camry 2AZ-FE Engine for Sale Rebuilt

The Toyota Camry used a 2AZ-FE engine starting in 2002. The 2.4L build was first used in the Highlander to gauge its success. The mid-size body type was best suited for the I4 class of motors. People who explore the import auto parts market might have trouble locating a Rebuilt Camry 2AZ-FE engine for sale. At JDM Pros, this inventory is always in stock.

Specs of the 2AZ Four-Cylinder

Toyota did something like other automakers with its smaller engine class. A boost in compression improved its horsepower. The 2.4 motor in Camry cars started out with a 9:6:1 ratio. This was updated after testing proved a larger 9:8:1 was better.

Many of the cars that were manufactured in the mid 2000s had the larger compression blocks. The horsepower range changed slightly from 158 hp to 161 hp. The Rav4 and other vehicles had the same power output in the stock 2AZ-FE auto engine.

The red line limit is 5600 for the 4-cylinder edition. There is plenty of torque available for most applications. Import auto manufacturing has came a long way in the past three decades. The technologies and fuel economy have surpassed most American companies.

Cars That Accept 2.4-Liter Blocks

Apart from the Camry series, there are other popular models that use the new 2AZ-FE design. The Corolla automobiles built between 2009 and 2010 utilized the I4. The Scion tC and xB began promoting the 2AZ base in 2005. Swapping these editions is much faster and more precise with a remanufactured version.

The problems that used stock has are not present in reconditioned parts. While nobody can replace initial mileage, putting on brand new components makes a huge different. The camshaft and other components are pressure tested to validate the OEM specifications.

Buy Reman Toyota Engines Here

There are advantages to ordering something built by a professional. It is very hard to determine the quality of an eBay motor in preowned condition. The procedures utilized for rebuilding automotive blocks takes years to master. Full price data for all 4-cylinder products in stock can be acquired through the database on this page.

Any piece of information that cannot be found online can be found by making a phone call. Specialists answer every call. Dialing the number on this page is easy. Regular business hours including Saturday are made available to USA or Canadian consumers.