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QR25DE for Sale Rebuilt

Nissan developed its QR25DE engine block in the year 1999. First offered exclusively in Japan, this series quickly made its way to the U.S. market. The Sentra is one of the cars that popularized the power of the 2.5-liter. People who use this website as a shopping resource can buy a QR25DE for sale rebuilt at an honest price.

Specs for QR Series Motors

There are some differences in the early and late model builds. While the twin cam design is the same, compression and horsepower are not the same. The first models relied on a 9:5:1 compression while future blocks had 10:5:1. There are four valves in the four-cylinder configuration. This is a grand total of 16 valves.

Dual overhead cam is common in Nissan motors. This larger size does improve the expanded horsepower. The minimum range of 175 hp or 182 hp is found in most blocks. The reconditioned QR25DE blocks offered to consumers on this website include OEM factory specs.

Compatibility with 2.5L Engines

In the United States, there are four common models using the QR base. The Sentra, Altima, Frontier and Rogue are equipped to use the QR25DE block. The big concern for some people is which version of the I4 is best to install. Some people hope to find a deal on used editions while others feel that a remanufactured version offers the better value.

A way that rebuilders use to guarantee the quality of a build is with compression tests. These are useful and essential for anything that is upgraded. The seals, gaskets and camshaft are all validated with proper tests. This ensures no fluid leaks or air gaps prevent a motor from functioning normally.

Prices for QR25DE Rebuilt Engines

Technology is making it faster and much less confusing to find accurate price information online. Because of the excellent supplier relationships, cost details are available here. The inventory of import automobile motors shippable nationally can be explored. It does help to have a vehicle identification number when using the quote computer here.

Helpful and courteous support is offered by telephone too. Anyone calling the service number is treated professionally. A question about mileage or the rebuilding process can be asked. A customized price for freight charges pertaining to delivery is easy to get. The stock is JDM unless a USDM model is specified. People who need information or special shipping arrangements can take care of these requests by telephone.