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Honda Prelude Transmission Used

The Prelude used 4-speed and 5-speed transmissions at Honda. The late 1980s and early 1990s models are the most common to find. Locating the right part number is sort of a challenge. Getting components for older automobiles is a little difficult. A complete used Honda Prelude transmission is for sale right here online.

U.S. and Non-U.S. Gearboxes

The Prelude was available in Japan for the first generation. The gearbox ID is usually B2K5. This unit was not originally manufactured for the import market. The B20A engine is usually in front of the 4-gear or 5-gear assemblies. This is one way that a person can use to identify which gearbox is needed.

The United States version is typically the F2K5. This was always paired with the B20A3 USDM motor. During the 1988 year, the Prelude cars were imported domestically. This made both editions of the gearboxes available for the first time. There is still an adequate inventory nationally for manual and automatic Honda assemblies.

Rebuilt or Used Tranny

JDM Pros supplies its complete stock of reconditioned and preowned assemblies. The used editions are taken from scrap yards or importers. These are checked out, certified and then placed for sale. The remanufactured versions are pressure tested and parts are swapped.

The Civic, Prelude and other popular automobiles at Honda Motor Company can use the inventory provided here. The best thing about purchasing from a good retailer is the continued support. Questions before or after a processed sale are answered fast.

Buy Transmissions for Honda Cars

A warranty means a lot. Some people place warranties ahead of the sale price. Each person receives a no hassle 12-month plan here. The components are protected unless otherwise listed in the policy terms. A quote in price is super simple to receive online.

The automated quotes system gives out current price lists. Knowing the vehicle identification number is helpful, but it is not a requirement. Someone who needs more assistance can always call by phone. The contact number can be dialed to be introduced to a specialist. No retailers can be the selling price plus shipping for used Prelude transmissions here.