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Mitsubishi 4G63 Engine for Sale

The SOHC 4G63 engine by Mitsubishi was used in the Galant from 1990 to 1993. It was also used in Colt vehicles in the global market. There were two editions of the 4G series blocks built. The earliest is a non-turbo while the late model was a turbocharged version. On this page, anyone can order a used Mitsubishi 4G63 engine for sale.

Specs of the 4G63 Block

There are 16 valves in the 2.0-liter displacement. The design is an inline overhead valve (OHV) model. The standard compression is 9:5:1. A set of electromagnetic injectors were installed OEM by Mitsubishi. The motor is water cooled and features 121 cubic inches.

The Lancer as well as the Eclipse each had an installation of the 4G63 build. These were popular through the early to late 1990s. They still remain popular on the aftermarket. There are emissions standards in California that must be considered before buying a used Mitsubishi engine.

4G63 Motor Conversions

Some people try to find a rebuilt or modified 2.0L to swap. These are rare to find and can be expensive. The most common swap is to install the I4 in place of a 2.4-liter. Finding an import dealer is exhaustive. Many companies raise freight costs to make up for so-called sale pricing.

The blocks on sale on this website are all preowned. These are pulled directly out of a salvaged automobile. All components are preserved. This means all are original. No changes take place when removing these units.

Warranty for Engine Assembly

A typical eBay seller provides no warranty. This also goes for Craigslist sellers. A faulty camshaft or other problem means disaster for a car owner. Protecting components is the very heart of the secondary market auto parts business. JDM Pros makes certain to display stock on this page that has a full one-year warranty term.

Buy Used JDM 4G63 Motors

No rebuilders need to be hired to find a quality block. There are good choices from junk yards. The key is finding which companies to acquire a base of inventory. The experts who purchase blocks distributed to consumers here know what to get. This keeps quality at super high levels.

To get a price quote, use the system accessible here. Any person can use a VIN number or other basic data. No personal information is ever collected. A sale price is all that is given. Order processing can take place offline. Calling the service number is a great way to be introduced to a foreign parts specialist.