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D17A Engine for Sale

Honda Civic and Acura cars used D17A engine blocks starting in 2001. There are two popular versions of the 1.7-liter displacement. One was made for the American market while the other was made for international markets. The Honda import builds featured on this website are JDM editions. This means someone can order a used D17A engine for sale easily.

Honda D17A Motor Specs

A 101 cubic inch displacement was standard in all I4 VTEC units. The SOHC block design features a 9:5:1 standard compression. The USDM edition has a 10:5:1 compression. Each version is a VTEC model. The 4-valve design is standard in non-domestic motors.

The original horsepower in the Japanese Civic was only 115 hp. The D17A1 edition was capable of a 140 hp power level. The Canada and Japan released versions are what can be purchased here. These are used stock that have low mileage ranges.

The HX and GX trim versions sported the 1.7L. People who are swapping out a Civic or Acura block should know not all editions are compatible. Double checking the specs and owner’s manual is a good start before a motor is dropped in.

VTEC Motor Warranties

A person getting ready to spend money on a motor should understand warranties. Nearly all sellers in America that import different stock have a generic warranty. These are put in place for a 30-day period. To make things worse, not all parts are protected.

JDM Pros works with suppliers nationally. This weeds out the suppliers that do not have good enough warranty plans. A standard 12-month plan is always added to each buyer order here. This provides a guarantee after installations are successful.

Buy D17A Engines Used

Pricing is easy to get. Use the automated tool on this website. It does help to have a VIN number to match the right stock. If this is unavailable, the exact price is displayed using the model, make and year. All discounts are off the MSRP and are valid. The freight is added based on delivery locations.

The customer support department can be called at any time. Friendly reps are waiting to answer questions about mileage or block condition. True professionals handle all orders and shipments to U.S. and Canadian addresses.