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JDM 3.4L Toyota 5VZ-FE Engine Used JDM

The long block 3.4L engine by Toyota made its debut in 1995. Although this build was used for the Tacoma and T100, 4Runner installations are popular. The 6-cylinder design makes it a great block to swap. The power is delivered in a 2WD configuration. Stock is available for JDM 3.4L Toyota 5VZ-FE engine inventory on this website.

Specs of the 5VZ Motor

Toyota needed a strong replacement for its 3VZ series. The early 1990s manufacturing procedures were updated to make room for the V6 class. The DOHC build of the 3.4-liter did not compromise quality. Fuel is delivered through a sequential multi-port injection system.

The import 5VZ-FE block is rated for 190 horsepower. The official specs detail the unit as a 24-valve motor. There are four valves for each of the six cylinders. The 206 cubic inch displacement is one of the biggest in the pickup truck and SUV family at Toyota.

The compression ratio is set at 9:6:1. The Tacoma was not introduced as a Japan truck model. The Hilux was the original build although the 3.4 block is similar. Most of what salvage yards retail to consumers is focused around the USDM V6 versions.

Easy 3.4-Liter Engine Swaps

Having the tools to install a replacement build is a must. Some people have the option of using a local mechanic to help with a swap. The good thing with ordering a used Toyota motor is that they can be installed out of the crate. No additional parts are needed to get the block up and running.

Pressure testing is part of the tests that are performed by JDM Pros suppliers. What goes into the efforts of acquiring a V6 is hard work. Deals are made to get the lowest prices possible. This makes it very easy for a consumer to begin the swap out procedure for a 5VZ-FE.

Buy Used Toyota JDM Inventory

All things start with a proper price quote. Generic MSRP is never listed here. Each person has a different need and delivery schedule. These essentials are part of the calculated sale price during a quote. The tools on this website expedite VIN matching.

If a direct price tag is unavailable online, calls can be routed to experts offline. The talented service team is here to help daily. The number supplied on this page is the number to call. Regular hours of business are the best time to reach the professionals processing orders.