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Nissan 300ZX Transmission for Sale Used

The Nissan 300ZX used a Borg Warner transmission known as the FS5W71 during its run. This assembly was installed in FR layout vehicles. The 5-speed manual operation was the base unit although later builds were converted to automatic controls. People come here to buy a used Nissan 300ZX transmission for a super low price.

VG30DE Compatible Gearboxes

The 3.0-liter motor found in the 300ZX was a standard edition VG block. These incorporated electronic fuel systems. There were two builds from 1985 to 1996 in the Japanese and U.S. market. These were the VG30DE and the VG30DET. The difference was the turbocharger.

Most people find out the hard way that the turbo 5-speed gearbox is not cross compatible. This means swapping one out in a FS5W71 equipped car is not possible. The used Nissan transmissions for sale displayed on this website are for VG30DE engine blocks.

Popular Model Years for 300ZX

There are a few years that a more popular than others for Nissan automobiles. The performance of the ZX vehicles was undeniable. When shopping for a gearbox, choosing a preowned assembly is a smart move. Most people look for the following model years:

1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 in the North American market.

Right on this website, in stock inventory is displayed for these editions. The markings are clear for turbo and non-turbo gearboxes. This keeps mistakes from happening if someone should order the wrong unit.

Easy Swap Great Warranty

One thing that terrifies used auto parts buyers is warranty coverage. Most companies give out pretty short warranties. Any person who buys transmission inventory on this website is treated to better terms.

A minimum of a one-year policy is granted at no charge. This is tied into the selling price of every unit on sale. Compatibility tests and pressure tests have been performed. This verifies installations will go smooth.

Buy a Nissan 300ZX Transmission

What is shown to people visiting this page is really in stock. No games or tricks are played. A quote for pricing is given out easily. By using the discount calculation tool, a consumer can have his or her sale price automatically estimated. This helps shoppers who have little time to known pricing instantly.

A secondary form of contact is supplied by telephone. This is an excellent opportunity to talk to a real parts expert. The very people who acquire used 300ZX gearboxes take all calls. Mileage can be discussed, condition, tests performed and freight charges. It is easier than going through the eBay buying process.