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Mighty Max KM132 Transmission for Sale

The KM132 5-speed transmission was used in Mighty Max trucks at Mitsubishi. First launched in 1978, this assembly is a tough compact design. The G63B 2.0-liter motor was usually attached to the KM series gearbox. A person can use this website to order a used Mighty Max KM132 transmission for sale online.

First Generation Assemblies

Aside from Mitsubishi installations, the 5-speed could be found in other automaker brands. The D50 truck and the Plymouth Arrow were two competing vehicles using the KM132. Design changes were made after the 4-gear unit was updated to five full gears.

The front mounted 2.0-liter block (RWD) was the base unit. All trim models used the SOHC I4 design. Four-wheel drive was available on some four-cylinder motors during the production run.

Second Generation Assemblies

Mitsubishi later developed the KM145. The bell housing is different on this model. The design is not as slim as the early compact truck transmissions. Four cylinder gasoline and diesel motor blocks were designed to work with Mighty Max gearboxes.

It is easy to find inventory for classic trucks. The popular model years of 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 are represented here. Even people who drive Dodge brand pickups can install the ever-popular 5-gear assembly.

OEM Versus Midwest Gearboxes

On the parts aftermarket, some consumers can find Midwest and other brands of Mighty Max transmission assemblies. The most value is provided in a true OEM Mitsubishi version. The inventory that is provided here was pulled from operational compact trucks. Doing this is the best way to preserve the original specs from the manufacturer.

Buy 5-Gear Manual Inventory

The G63B 2.0-liter 8-valve motor block has been tested to work with the gearboxes we have in stock. These manual units are top quality and preowned. Anyone with a VIN number can find out what these cost. The warehouse utilized to keep track of stock is tapped into on this page. Choosing the correct model year and matching the vehicle ID number produces the best price details.

A pressure test is what confirms no leaks exist. Some auto parts sellers do not conduct testing. This leaves people with the risk of high error rates. The secondary truck parts on sale here are completely checked out. A customer support system has been designed to supply immediate service. The phone number on this website can be called daily to inquire about mileage or other information.