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Rebuilt 22R Engine for Sale

The first JDM 22R engine by Toyota was built in 1981. These builds needed a carburetor to function properly. After the 1990 year, changes were made to the fuel system. The electronic fuel injection (EFI) was found on all 1990 to 1995 2.4L enabled cars. Using the tools here online, buying a rebuilt 22R engine for sale is quite easy.

Long Block 22R Motor Specs

The pickup truck, 4Runner and Celica were all vehicles that used the 2366 cc design. While there are 8 valves for each cylinder, the build remained a four-cylinder block. Purchasing a rebuild kit does not guarantee that an older 22R will function properly. This is why everything here at JDM Pros is factory reconditioned by a specialist.

The Japanese 22R engine blocks have between 92 hp and 108 hp. The remanufacturing process does not change this power level. Toyota did make a turbocharged version although this series is not as popular globally.

A 4800 to 5000 RPM rating is what the 2.4-liter gives to car owners. This is supplies more than enough classic power without making compromises due to late model electronics. The entire rebuilding procedure is complete with care and according to OEM specifications.

22R Warranty Included

Reconditioning does not remove existing mileage. What it provides is an exchange of deteriorating parts with brand new ones. This gives, at a low cost, a close match to ordering a brand new dealership 22R motor block. A pressure test proves that no air leaks or fluid leaks will degrade performance.

A one-year package for covering applicable parts is given to consumers. This makes ordering a Japanese motor for Toyota cars at a discount price cost effective. Aside from an affordable shipping charge, there are few better deals available on the Internet.

Buy 22R Engines Rebuilt

The timing chain, gaskets, cam shaft and all needed parts are included. The overview process is conducted by a foreign parts specialist. These are just a few things that people receive shopping here. To get a price, use the quotes system on this page. Mobile phone users or people using a regular computer find price data this way.

To call offline, use the number positioned on top of this page. This creates a no-fuss way to speak with a professional. Delivery costs, MSRP discounts and mileage data can be found out through a simple phone call daily. All performance parts are in stock and will be shipped right after orders are processed.