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J30A Engine for Sale

The J30A motor found its way for sale in the 1997 Accord. This Japanese block was one of the largest V6 builds made for Honda vehicles. Keeping in line with the SOHC design, the J-series builds were able to be placed into the Odyssey and other vehicles. Anyone can take home a used J30A engine for sale at a good price point here online.

VTEC 3.0-Liter V6 Specs

Like most mid 1990s blocks, the J30A is a VTEC edition. The performance includes a 200 horsepower rating. There are two versions of the J-series platform. The first is a regular 9:4:1 compression while the newer editions were 10:0:1. This slight difference did modify the power output.

The lift system and variable valve timing are exclusive to VTEC motors. While there are many automakers employing a variation, Honda Motor Company is considered the leader. A complete used J30A motor with a low mileage point is what can be ordered at this website.

There are 24 valves featured in the 3.0-liter size. The listed 5500 RPM is the very best that the 6-cylinder can handle. The cubic centimeters of 2997 are well respected in automotive circles globally. Honda retired the use of its J30 in 2002.

Honda Engine Shipping Weight

Most consumers will likely purchase motors on the Internet. This does involve shipping fees. To correctly calculate freight costs, it helps to know the weight of the block. The regular edition J30A builds are around 250 pounds. These can be shipped to anywhere in the United States and Canada for a reasonable charge.

Cars Compatible with Honda 6-Cylinder

The CL, Odyssey and Accord were three of the models using the J-series class. The Japanese built versions are the most sought after units. The J30A1 is the American edition. Someone who is planning or estimating the cost of a swap should understand the compatibility.

Quotes for JDM J30A Engines

Instant price discovery happens on this page. While there is a phone number to call, some people are more comfortable getting web price quotes. A vehicle identification number is helpful to have on hand. This matches the correct block code. Associates are always waiting by the phone to answer questions or take orders. The best pricing is guaranteed.

Everything that is in the warehouse is used unless listed as rebuilt. All builds come complete with a one-year warranty coverage policy. Terms of these plans can be reviewed prior to order placement. This keeps consumers happy when buying replacement performance parts.