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5SFE Engine for Sale Rebuilt

The 5SFE engine is a Toyota block built in 1990. This motor was for sale in the Camry and Celica cars. Because it is an electronic fuel injection model, it is preferred over earlier 2.2L editions. The four-cylinder platform has been standard for sedan cars for more than three decades. A low mileage 5SFE engine for sale rebuilt can be found right here online.

2164 CC 4-Valve 2.2-Liter 5SFE

A compression of 9:5:1 is featured in the standard inline four-cylinder design. There were different horsepower ranges achieved in the Toyota 2.2L motor. The best range can be calculated as 130 hp to 145 hp. It is most common to find the A241E transmission behind this block.

The 5SFE block is a 4-valve design. The cubic centimeter measurement is 2164 cc. The OEM long block was fitted in GT, GTS and almost all 1990 to 1998 Camry trim cars. It is easy to find a reconditioned 5SFE engine while shopping on this page.

The block is cast iron. These are not aluminum like the newer Toyota sedan editions. The dual overhead cam (DOHC) power level is not interrupted with a rebuilt version. The EFI, gaskets, heads, camshaft and other parts are in excellent condition.

JDM Toyota Motors Warranty

What is presented here is sold with a warranty plan. The regular term is in place for 12 months. This is enough time for a person to get to know the block. Since everything is refurbished, this is the cheapest way to get OEM quality. Swapping an MR2 or other Toyota brand motor is a little cheaper this way.

There are zero extra charges for this coverage. A person will have to arrange the freight delivery after ordering is complete. The actual cost for at-home or business delivery depends on location in the U.S. or Canada.

Buy 5SFE Engines Remanufactured

The procedures to find out current sale pricing are simple here. It will help greatly if a VIN number is known prior to quote generation. This is used to match all rebuilt 5SFE engine for sale inventory in stock. People come here and leave amazed due to low pricing.

An expert in JDM and domestic blocks takes all calls to the service number. These professionals are trained and friendly. There are few simpler and faster ways to buy rebuilt motors in complete condition daily.

A lot of people hope to find something good in a junk yard or scrap yard, but it is not always possible. Pressure tested and expertly constructed units are all that are shipped out here.