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H23A VTEC for Sale Used Block

Manufacturing in 1998 led to the H23A engine in VTEC form at Honda. While based on the infamous H22 block, there were some clear differences. Only offered in Japan, this modified build is sought after by tuners and car restorers globally. Because stock here is imported, regular people can pay less for an H23A VTEC for sale.

Specs for H Series 2.3L Motors

Unlike the non-VTEC version, the larger H23A has a 10:6:1 compression standard. This edition is the biggest of the H series builds by Honda. The horsepower maxes out at 197. The Accord wagon was the first to receive this upgraded motor block.

People in the USA that shop on this JDMPros.com website have access to buy the used H23A engines. Each model has been carefully inspected. What this means is that an overview by a specialist is complete. Things like mileage verification, rust checking and leak detection are standard.

The blue top is what identifies the Japanese version. Most black top casings are the standard in North American built Honda cars. People who can validate and trust the specs posted by a retailer will have the best success when buying.

16-Valve Accord Engines

The Honda standard is the four-cylinder design. Experiments have been made to produce 6-cylinder units, but people do prefer the smaller performance styles. The 16-valve H23A VTEC motors for sale on this website are all in used condition. It helps not to confuse these with rebuilt ones.

Importing is how this inventory is found and then placed into the stock warehouse. Connections with suppliers of foreign parts makes the original VTEC available. No one has to search more than one junk yard to locate a used 2.3L build in stock.

Prices for DOHC Blue Top Blocks

Looking through a generic price sheet or spec sheet to get a discount price is a hassle. The best way is to get real-time data. The import parts products database here is available to use. In well under a minute, anyone can know how much it costs to swap dual overhead cam 2.3L.

If someone has a question, he or she can speak with a parts rep. Everyone gets the same treatment. Any details not present on this page can be confirmed when a call is made. This is the most effortless way to get a real quote in price. Shipments to the USA and Canada can be scheduled.