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F23A1 Engine for Sale Used

The 2.3L Honda F engine hit the streets in 1998 for the Civic brand. This platform was the main design used until the 2003 year. The sedan series including the Acura brand promoted the F-series editions. Right here at JDM Pros, anyone can buy a used F23A1 engine for sale online.

Specs for the F23A1 VTEC

The camshaft is a single overhead cam build. This SOHC base offers a respected 150 hp. This unleaded gasoline block delivers fuel through its multi-port fuel injection system. The heads are constructed from an aluminum alloy material. This helps disperse heat better than straight iron casings.

The cubic centimeter count is 2254. This calculates to a total of 2.3-liter displacement. A car parts buyer looking for an F23A1 for sale can buy a used 16-valve version here. The total compression ratio is the standard Honda 9:3:1. The torque hits its peak around 4500 RPM.

The 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 SE, LX, EX trim models use the F23A1 motor. The Acura CL was the final installation of the OEM 2.3L build. What can be viewed and purchased using this website is a top-notch preowned product in the USA.

F23A1 Engine Used for Honda

Imported blocks are hard to find in some parts of North America. It takes a quality retailer with connections globally to acquire inventory. Even though what is found here is called second hand, maintaining a level of quality is the primary focus. Any Honda Motor Company stock is original and not modified.

Warranties are supplied at the point of purchase here. The coverage length is acceptable when compared to scrap yard products. No person should spend weeks or months trying to swap a 2.3 Civic or CL block. Anything posted here is in stock and can be shipped.

Instant Prices for I4 Inventory

Everything here is cataloged by a database. The age, mileage and MSRP discounts available are given to potential buyers. This all happens during a price quote procedure. The hard work of professionals in the auto world has paid off for visitors here.

Accurate quotes in price are just a click away on this page. A prompt checkout on the web or phone order offline is available. Never pay too much for an F23A1 engine for Honda cars. Use the right shop and get the best deal. Too many eBay and catalog dealers inflate freight costs and regular sticker pricing.