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D17A1 Rebuilt Engine On Sale

Honda D17A1 engine blocks can be rebuilt to like-new condition. The 1.7-liter displacement was introduced globally in 2001. The Civic was the first automobile to receive its improved motor across its trim levels. At JDM Pros, a D17A1 rebuilt engine is always for sale. To get a quote in price, submit a request on this page or call by phone.

Specs of the 1.7 Honda Motor

101 cubic inch displacement is what people receive with A1 series. The certified rating for horsepower is 115. Even though there are modifications available, the closest thing to an OEM block is a reconditioned version. This provides the ultimate quality compared with something sold preowned.

There are four valves for each cylinder in the Honda D17A1. The RPM limit is fixed at 6750. The SOHC base helped make the Civic was it is today. There at 1668 cubic centimeters in the 1.7 design. A person with an OBD-II code reader can use this to double check error codes after motor installation.

Non-VTEC Honda Blocks

Contrary to what some people think, not every engine Honda manufactures is a VTEC. The variable valve technology is applicable to most Civic EX, SI and LX trim versions except 1.7L. The B-series is a popular alternative for higher performance units. Someone seeking a remanufactured non-VTEC build can order one here online.

Cost to Swap a D17A1

While a brand new JDM build can cost upwards of $3000, people do save cash buying rebuilt. There are few salvage yards and dismantlers that offer refurbished inventory. A factory direct price savings is supplied to people browsing here.

Restoring a used build takes a lot of work. Craftsman, who are often unsung heroes, take care of all rebuilding procedures. A full warranty support policy is given to people ordering here. It is a must for consumers to buy replacement car parts that are protected.

What Rebuilt Blocks Include

A complete change of gaskets is provided. All of the valve seals and intake manifold gaskets are replaced. A change to brand new rings, piston rods and bearings improves the quality level. The water pump, head gasket and timing systems are all refurbished.

Swapping a used Civic motor for a reconditioned one makes a lot of sense. Getting one for the lowest price in the USA takes little effort here. Going straight to the source saves money.

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