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Used 420A Engines for Sale

DSM manufactured the 420A engine to be used in the Talon, Eclipse and Breeze vehicles. While there are other cars that feature performance blocks, few have lived up to the reputation of the D or PJ platform automobiles by Chrysler. Starting in the year 1989, consumers were able to buy the front motor mounted 2.0-liter build. Auto Pros USA offers used 420A engine for sale inventory straight from this website.

4G63T Block Alternatives

When it comes to comparing some motor types, people often make a direct comparison of the 4G63T series. While this model comes with its OEM turbo, the Eclipse 2.0-liter did not. This leaves some people wondering can you turbo a 420A engine? The answer to that question is yes. This mod is only possible with the application of the turbo manifold kit.

The standard horsepower in the 2.0L was rated for 140. The Diamond Star and Chrysler manufacturing schedule was only in place for a short period of time. More effort was put towards promoting the late model Mitsubishi variants that were imported into the American market. The 420A engine specs included the listing of the DOCH and 122 cubic inch displacement.

Quality of the Block

Most DSM builds were cast aluminum. This offered the strength needed for the casing and correctly dispersed heat. Cars such as the Cirrus and Talon were not marketed nationally quite like the Eclipse in the early to mid 1990s. The construction of the block was meant to last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Someone who will buy a 420A engine for sale with a turbo will always get the most for the money.

The most common stamp for DSM auto engines is the D31AMNSML4M. While there are other model numbers, more people choose this SKU when seeking a replacement 2.0-liter performance replacement. Using this components portal, it is easy to avoid high MSRP prices when ordering a complete motor block through the salvage interchange network.

Where to Buy Preowned 420A I4 Engines

By staring with the correct production year, a price is available to review here online. This does offer the best range for comparison purposes. Because more than one vehicle junk yard is supplying the inventory, consumers receive evenly discounted rates. All direct quotations include the warranty cost as well as the updated purchase price. Every complete build features all of the original Chrylser-Mitsubishi installed parts.

Customer service reps provide answers to any question when dialing the local number listed. Experts, some of which are mechanics, are available to help. No part number is needed to inquire about what blocks costs although things can move along quickly if someone has a valid VIN number to cross reference for a price quotation.