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4G63T Engine for Sale

The 4G63T is an engine built by Mitsubishi used in JDM cars. The Eclipse, Galant, Talon and Laser are a portion of the total vehicles that relied upon the 1997 cubic centimeters of the 2.0-liter base. Through decisive engineering and electronic tooling, the used 4G63T engine for sale inventory promoted on this website is useful for an error-free swap.

4G63T Engine Specs

For a 20-year manufacturing schedule, the turbo and non-turbo 2.0-liter ruled the sports car industry. Part of the reason for the global success was the variations in each block constructed. There are differences in the compression ratio for the listed specs. The first is the 7:5:1. The second is the 9:0:1. There is a 6 or 7 bolt design on the JDM series units that are available.

The main blog configuration was a dual overhead cam design. Before the 1987 year, Mitsubishi introduced an SOHC version to automobile buyers. The most requested additions are classified as the Evo I, Evo II and Evo III models. Depending on the model selected, the horsepower can vary by as much as 40 units. The standard edition builds were rated for 240 horsepower while the late model units were 280 horsepower.

Complete Turbo Motor Block

When purchasing anything used in the vehicle parts industry, it can be helpful for a person to understand what is and what is not included in a replacement engine purchase. Ordered units at JDMPros.com are considered complete versions of OEM editions. These have already gone through a variety of computerized and manual testing procedures. All of the original wiring harnesses, sensors and other internal parts are included.

What this means to a potential motor buyer is that no extra pistons, head units or other components need to be purchased to ensure the block starts up. In addition to the full package, a respected length of warranty coverage is automatically applied to each order that is processed in North America. This gives an extra incentive to mechanics or users of Mitsubishi or Chrysler vehicles to place orders with complete confidence.

5-Speed Transmission Compatible

The W5M, F5M and other types of gearboxes used along with the 4G63 JDM motors have been tested for compatibility with what is offered here for sale. This means that any person ready to swap out a block does not have to worry if an existing DSM or other brand transmission will work correctly. Current pricing for any complete package in stock is available using the automatic quotation tool displayed. Phone support is available as an optional service for people who need to speak with a rep over the phone.

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