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D16Y7 Complete Engine Used

The Japanese and USA version of the D16Y7 motor was introduced to the auto industry in the 1996 year. The Civic was one of the automobiles that received the improved 1.6L block. While some people initially believed that the 106 horsepower rating was too low, the performance boost in each of the four cylinder valves made up for any negativity. Someone shopping this website can order a D16Y7 complete engine online.

1.6-Liter D Motor Specs

The fuel system inside of the updated D series motors from Honda includes a multi-port fuel injection platform. The control of the system can be tested through the OBD-II code readers. A 7200 RPM rev limiter is included on all base models of the 97 cubic inch editions. The most popular VIN number for the Civic vehicles that feature the 1.6L is 2HGEJ6427WH010967.

A 1590cc rating is published in the official Honda Motor Company specs for the D series builds. As a top I4 block, the compression ratio is fixed at 9:4:1. The single overhead cam version is what is listed for retail sale on this components portal. Trim models for compatible vehicles includes DX, CX, LX, SE, EX and VP and S series Del Sol cars.

Known Problems with I4 Honda Engines

Just like the B series builds, there can be issues with the piston rings or valves on the main block. Some owners of vehicles have noted through the years that the head gasket kit below due to low oil readings. Some retailers continue to sell rebuild kits and re-ring packages that could be helpful to a person considering a complete overhaul of the 1.6L. All used import inventory listed for consumer sale on this website is presented as error-free.

While some people have interest in purchasing D16Y7 engine parts, repairs can be difficult for a person without the proper wiring diagram. In many cases, it is easier to replace a defective block with a preowned OEM edition that is purchased for a reduced price. This cuts down on the mods and other work required to maintain accuracy in the 4-cylinder editions.

Review Prices for Civic Blocks

The D series builds that are being promoted nationally through this JDMPros.com website are units that were removed direct from imported automobiles. The salvage industry companies that supply what is presented here are North American companies. Through relationships with reliable distributors, a warranty package is now supplied at zero cost for any person who will purchase a used Honda D engine through this website online.

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