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Used Honda C35A Engine

Honda built the C35A engine in the year 1996 for placement into Legend and Acura vehicles. This SOHC block is part of the V6 offerings that were available until the 2004 year. As part of the C class builds, the 3.5-liter is known for its balanced operation. On this website, a person buy a used C35A engine for Honda subsidiary vehicles for a cheap price.

Specs for the C35A Honda Block

While parts manuals can be helpful in a repair scenario, knowing what the factory specs should be for a preowned motor is a big help when conducting research. The compression ratio in the 6-cylinder series is rated at 9:6:1. This level is provided throughout the 214 cubic inch displacement design. The rated horsepower for the single overhead cam version of the 3.5-liter is between 210 and 225.

Someone who will buy a C35A engine for sale should understand the swaps that are available in other automobiles. Without making serious modifications, the C series builds can typically fit into the range of Acura vehicles used in the U.S., Canada and Japanese market. Unlike earlier V6 models, each block is now cross compatible.

3.5L Blocks With Warranty Protection

In the second hand JDM market, quality will always vary. It is essential for a consumer to be aware of the mileage and the exterior condition of any block available. The national average warranty protection for an import car motor is about 90 days. This term usually comes at a price during the order checkout. When researching for price information on this website, all complementary coverage plans are displayed for inventory in stock.

When a coverage plan is secured, a car owner can easily get the most usage out of the engine block. This is especially true for someone who will do a C35A engine swap. The opportunity to obtain the best list pricing for a replacement automobile motor for sale is given to all users of this website. Apart from a short history of the products in stock, extensive research can be conducted for all listed SKU numbers and block codes.

Buy 3.5-Liter Honda C Inventory

Purchasing direct from a supplier is usually the cheapest way to obtain a used condition block. All products featured here are OEM unless stated otherwise. A vehicle mechanic, repair facility or regular person who has a real need to find imported products at the best web pricing will appreciate what this website has to offer. Since the customer support department is available daily, no person will be without the support needed to quote prices or to place an order online.