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D15B Engine for Sale

D15B is one of the engine codes used for Honda vehicles in the JDM auto industry. The Japanese production of the 1.5-liter block is regarded as top notch by users of import vehicles. When someone makes the decision to swap out a used model, choosing the right dealer is one of the important tasks. A person who visits this website can learn the history of the B series as well as buy a D15B engine for sale for a discount price.

1.5L Honda Engine Specs

There are 91 cubic inches found in the iron block of the Civic compatible D15B models. The actual cubic centimeter rating is 1493 cc. While the main power level is limited to only 103 horsepower, there are safeguards in place to control the performance. Most of the pre-1990 models offered only a twin carburetor system. Honda installed rev limiter controls on the VTEC and non-VTEC options.

The main block design is a SOHC unit. This can be found in both the VTI and Del Sol vehicles. The 9:3:1 compression is known for being reliable during operation. A switchover happens at the 5500 RPM mark to engage the variable valve timing system. People who are trying to work on the 1.5-liter should know that it is only OBD-I compatible.

D15B Engine Non-VTEC Version

Since there are two different blocks, a person can find the 1988, 1989 and 1990 versions in used condition here. Most models built up to the 2001 model year were offered as a base or modified version. Someone ready to price a D15B Civic engine can find each type using the system provided here online. There is no easier way to locate inventory or estimate prices than using this JDMPros.com website.

Since used motors can have small or non-existent warranties, making certain that parts installed originally in foreign factories are covered against breakage is essential. For every consumer who visits this parts portal, a warranty program is applied automatically after the order checkout is completed. This relieves the most common complaints about preowned 1.5-liter Honda engines for sale.

Instant Price Research Online

If someone already knows the model year and some basic VIN information, using the database supplied here will be easy. For someone who is without necessary information, a phone call to the support department might be required. Either method of price discovery can be utilized successfully. There is no need to have a business license to receive quotes or to buy the promoted inventory that appears on this import parts resource.