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Honda B18B Engine Used

Honda made an update to its B18 engine used in the Integra vehicle series starting in the year 1994. Two different versions of the block were produced. One for the Japanese market and one for the American market. In order for someone to find the correct build, a single stamp of the code without an additional model number is found on the underside of the block. A consumer can find Honda B18B engine used inventory right here online.

Specs for 1.8L Honda Blocks

People who use a code reader in order to identify an error in a B series motor should know that the B18 class is OBD0. The listed specs of the displacement list the 1.8-liter as 1834 cc. The USA edition sported a 9:2:1 compression while the JDM edition was found to have an updated 9:4:1. There are 111 cubic inches in the cast iron casing making it small but powerful in Honda cars.

The final year of active production was the year 2000. Honda introduced its IVTEC system as part of a 21st century update. This reduced the support for the B18B series. One thing to note when reviewing web dealers for used import motors is that the 1.8L is only compatible with the RS, LS, SE and GS trim models.

Transmissions for B18B Motors

The shifting system that is found linked to the OBDO compatible blocks was offered in two configurations. The Y80 and S80 units are the only two tested to work with the 4-cylinder B series built prior to the year 2000. A programmable fuel injection system handles all of the fuel flow parameters. The shaft of the input on the gearbox is a specific size on the S and Y models.

A person who is seeking the best prices for an import automobile block can search out prices for all B18B engine and transmission for sale inventory here. There are package deals available for a buyer who has a need to swap out both of the units at the same time. This makes it cost effective for the average person who is trying to avoid costly mechanic fees.

Quotes for Preowned JDM Inventory

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