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2JZ Engine for Supra Cars

The 2JZ GTE engine was used in Toyota Supra cars between the 1992 and 2002 model years. The popularity of this block still continues especially on the secondary market. Many people who own used JZA80 vehicles or similar search for a replacement 2JZ engine for Supra cars when a block has failed. In order to get the best price for an import model, using JDMPros.com can provide a person with a cost comparison analysis.

2JZ Motor Specs

Both the turbo and naturally aspirated 3.0-liter I6 editions were built with performance in mind. There are 182 cubic inches found in the iron cased block. The posted specs by Toyota list the GTE model as having 220 horsepower in the standard edition. These units were found paired with the 6-speed and 4-speed gearboxes found in many import vehicles during the 1990s.

The inline 6-cylinder variant was imported into the U.S. for sale as a secondary unit by some suppliers. The fastback coupe car market has expanded over the past 20 years. A consumer ready to buy a 2JZ engine for sale does have options when it comes to choosing the lowest mileage unit available. Through an evaluation process, every unit listed as in stock on this portal has been validated for mileage on the block.

Swapping JZ Motors Honda Vehicles

While not totally cross compatible, it is not impossible to install the 2JZ engine in a Honda Civic. Someone hoping to get a little more power out of the K20 series can drop in a Supra motor without making too many modifications. It does take experience to install a JDM model correctly. There are videos of the installation process that are available on the Internet should a person buy a block here for a Honda automobile.

Going the extra mile and buying both the 2JZ engine and transmission is another possibility. It does cost less when components are packaged together. The W58 manual and V16X are two of the editions that are provided for a reduced sale price here online. This is designed to help people keep the costs lower when swapping import automobile parts.

Best Prices for I6 Toyota Builds

Competition is strong in the used condition parts market. This causes some MSRP price levels to go up or down based on daily demand. Through good salvage yards and junk yards, pricing is kept lower as a way to control the retail market. All preowned 6-cylinder 2JZ GTE motors listed on this page are ready for sale 24/7. It will take a quote in price in order to review what discounts are being offered. Customer support is always offered by phone should a person not use the presented web search portal.