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Buy Used K24 Engines

The TSX from Acura used the K24 engine to introduce American car buyers to the latest Honda technology for the first time in 2002. Since the development of this block, more people have been steadily conducting a swap or searching for a crate edition online. JDM Pros offers what might be the lowest prices to buy used K24 engines without requiring a wholesale resale license.

Cars Using K24 Honda Motors

Apart from the American version of the TSX, the Japanese CRV, Accord and Odyssey builds have featured the 2.4-liter editions. With the standard cubic inch model being 143, the power level did not change much for every new model year. A slight change in original compression from 9:6:1 to 10:5:1 was made between 2004 and 2008. Someone who asks what cars have a K24 engine might need to know this information.

A change was made to utilize IVTEC performance sometime in the mid 2000s. This did include a change to the posted horsepower of 200 that was raised from the initial 160 specs. The Tiptronic gearboxes that were found in later models used what is known as sequential sportshift technologies. This worked well with the 2.4L base motor block.

K4 Accord Engine Swap

Since the intake valves and cam systems are the same for every K series motor, successfully making a swap of an older block for a newer one can be completed easily by most car owners. Before a person goes to buy a unit on the Internet, it can be helpful to verify if the crate edition has been dyno tested and validated for block mileage. The listed MSRP price can change from resource to resource depending on what tests were conducted.

JDMPros.com helps distributors to market unpublished sale pricing to the public using an interchange database. What used to be provided only to people with inside access is now offered at no cost to a consumer. The easiest way to review a Honda K24A engine price is to gain entry to the open warehouse research tool that is positioned for use on this website.

Quotes for Performance Car Parts

Whether a person has a need for a new turbo block or a standard edition, what is retailed through this portal is OEM products. Each build is certified used and has already gone through the proper checklist for quality control. In a matter of seconds, any user of this website can begin reviewing the prices for a range of complete motors and related components in stock. A parts warranty is among the freebies that are given to purchasers upon a successful shopping cart checkout.

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