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Honda F22B DOHC for Sale

The Honda F22B motor was used in Prelude and Accord vehicles in the early to mid-1990s. Two editions were offered although there is a clear difference between the two models. The first was the single overhead cam option for the first couple of model years. The second was the dual overhead cam unit that is featured on this website. All F22B DOHC for sale here are authentic OEM builds in preowned condition.

2.2L F-Series JDM Engine

First built in the year 1992, the 2156 cc 2.2-liter was one of the first before the arrival of VTEC technology. With a power level of about 160 horsepower, this build was the perfect candidate for entry-level JDM vehicles like the Accord or Prelude. Honda was just starting to develop better performance for its line of 4-cylinder engines at the start of the 1990s.

The F22B dual overhead cam engine remains popular because these blocks were built to last a long time. Unlike late model editions that use a lot of digital sensors, the F-Series Japanese technology is not too difficult to work on for a regular car owner. It is because of this fact that so many people swap and tune non-VTEC powered blocks.

16-Valve 6000RPM Honda B Builds

Both the “A” and “B” variants for a majority of the performance engine blocks built in Honda factories are provided to consumers on this website. Someone conducting a web search for where to buy F22B DOHC engines for sale will appreciate what is offered here. Because mileage always plays a part in buying decisions, most of what is provided through this resource has been examined for actual mileage counts.

Getting the best of the best preowned blocks is no easy task. Each unit does come complete with the distributor, cylinder head, oil pan and other required components. Dropping in a motor is much easier when it is in complete condition. Each unit has undergone performance testing that does include variations of dyno testing.

Quotes for Second Hand 2.2L Blocks

By tapping into the powerful database on this portal, any person in the United States or Canada will have access to quality inventory. Each product in stock is supplied directly from secondary market distributors. A warranty policy is included to make it easy for a person who has a problem to get help fast. All pricing data that is provided at JDMPros.com is up to date. People who normally use Craigslist or eBay to search for F22B DOHC JDM builds for sale will find a clear difference here.