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B16A Honda Engine for Sale

Honda built its first VTEC B16A engine in the year 1989. This block was used in the Integra, CRX and Civic for the first few years of production. As interest quickly grew in the global market, more people started to purchase used vehicles that featured the B-Series motors. A person can easily buy a complete B16A engine for sale at the right price at JDM Pros.

Honda 1.6L Block Specs

There were two variations of the 16A builds. The first was the 10:2:1 compression. This was listed as a 97 cubic inch iron block in Honda manuals. A respected 158 horsepower was initially offered as part of the phase one engineering platform. While the redline limit was 8200 RPM on the first version, the specs were boosted on the second edition.

Phase two of production at Honda Motor Corporation developed a tweaked compression ratio of 10:6:1 for the 1.6-liter VTEC. Vehicles such as the CRX Del Sol, Ferio and Integra XSI featured the updated block. The engagement of VTEC at the 5500 RPM level is what set this edition apart from the first model produced.

Y21 Transmission Compatible Engines

When choosing a B16A engine assembly, a person who knows little about the performance vehicle market might not take into consideration gearbox compatibility. The 5-speed shifting system used more frequently with the B-Series motors is the Y21 unit. The Civic and related vehicles that were manufactured all showcased manual operations for gearboxes until the late 1990s.

Since the very first block was produced in the late 1980s, Honda has updated its power boosting technology in late model vehicles. DIY tuners, restoration companies and plain old auto owners do appreciate the easy swap and drop in of the B16A Civic engine and subsequent versions. Using this website to locate a match for a specific VIN number is one of the benefits to consumers.

Best Way to Buy B16A Engines

Most consumers who are cost conscious will appreciate the ability to shop around when evaluating used auto parts prices online. The same is true for buyers of Japanese produced motor blocks. What JDMPros.com supplies is the actual link between salvage industry sellers and the common person. A quick search of the open database tool on this page will introduce all sale pricing available.

Being able to witness the price drops of one company compared with the posted MSRP listings of another company is an easy way to buy a complete Honda motor for sale. A phone call to the always available customer support department here is an alternative for people who need some extra help before a decision to buy is made.