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H22A Engine for Sale

The H22A motor block was created in 1993 by Honda and used in the Prelude vehicles in the United States. By taking concepts from the successful Civic, the closed deck construction on the 2.2-liter 4-cylinder was an improvement. One of the reasons why people are still interested in swapping an “H” series motor is due to the performance. A person trying to find an H22A for sale online at a decent price can find inventory on this page.

Specs for H22A VTEC Motors

Honda built is early 1990s blocks using an aluminum base and head combination. This provided the best protection against heat from the Type S and other performance cars. The Prelude SRV and Accord were two additional automobiles that were fitted with the 10:6:1 ratio 2.2L motor. The absolute top RPM was 8200 when maxed at the redline. This provided the most power in the DOHC 16-valve series.

The cubic centimeter measurement for the VTEC H22A is 2157. It is common to find a 5-speed manual transmission installed in most of the Honda vehicles produced from 1993 to 2003. Any person who uses this JDM Pros website to find a valid VIN match for a replacement engine will be happy to know that all inventory here has been verified ahead of time. This saves costly mistakes when a person is seeking a rebuilt, used or brand new import engine.

OBD I Honda H22A Engine Warranty

For someone who owns a U.S. or Japanese 4-cylinder, finding the right amount of replacement parts might be a tough job. Because the preowned motors market is slim, finding an OEM build that has all of the original parts is quite a problem. The supply of rebuilt Honda H22A engine inventory supplied here does come with a lengthy warranty for consumers. This is a bonus apart from the reduce point of sale price.

Some people who own foreign motors like to make modifications or changes during their usage period. While this is beneficial to a car owner, it might not be a change that some shoppers of motors appreciate. Everything that is supplied from this website and quoted in price has the original mileage, technology and stock components.

H22A DOHC VTEC Blocks Pricing

Mileage can and will vary depending on the salvage yard or parts supplier that distributes the products featured at JDMPros.com. What people can do to verify the sale price is to use the automated computer system on this page. This offers the quickest method of price comparison offered in the imported auto parts business.