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G10A Engine for Sale

Suzuki manufactured the G10A engine block between 1985 and 2001. This “G” series build was part of a smaller series of motors that were used in many import, American and Canadian built vehicles. While the build was small, it did offer a SOHC design that was later rebadged with a turbocharger. There is still a supply of OEM blocks that are being retailed by used and rebuilt parts sellers. The G10A engine for sale inventory on this website is discounted in price.

Specs of the G10 Suzuki Motor

The published specs that were printed in every ownership manual for a Suzuki produced vehicle reported an 8:3:1 ratio of compression for the block. This translated to 993 cubic centimeters. The original displacement was a mere 1.0-liter and this was divided into a 3-cylinder design. Many smaller vehicles were produced using the original 48 horsepower series.

A future development of the G10T provided turbo power without a huge price. Vehicles like the Firefly, Sprint, Metro, SunRunner, Jimmy, Tracker and Metro all used the turbocharged model as an alternative. Someone can buy a used Suzuki Swift G10A engine using this parts portal online. Any of the editions that are in stock are shippable to North American and Canadian addressees.

Swapping a G Series Block

Because a standard design was utilized, many people find it relatively easy to replace a high mileage Suzuki G series engine. There are people who go to a mechanic and there are people who want to do it themselves. Regardless of the methods that are selected, the small frame of the cast iron motor makes it a simple installation for a moderately knowledgeable person.

The first units that were produced in global factories showcased a carbureted fuel delivery system. This was later changed with the electronic fuel pumps were added to most vehicles. The “M” platform design was later licensed to General Motors for its Pontiac and Geo brands in the United States. This has made the G10a engine a popular replacement type for consumers.

Quotes for 3-Cylinder Motors

No waiting is one of the benefits of requesting a price tag for a used or rebuilt auto engine here. The JDM inventory that is available is shipped right from wrecking yards across North America. Every part in stock comes with a warranty. The 1.0-liter editions featured at JDMPros.com are priced automatically using the computer system found at the top of this page.

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