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Buy Used K24 Engines

The TSX from Acura used the K24 engine to introduce American car buyers to the latest Honda technology for the first time in 2002. Since the development of this block, more people have been steadily conducting a swap or searching for a crate edition online. JDM Pros offers what might be the lowest prices to…

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B16A Honda Engine for Sale

Honda built its first VTEC B16A engine in the year 1989. This block was used in the Integra, CRX and Civic for the first few years of production. As interest quickly grew in the global market, more people started to purchase used vehicles that featured the B-Series motors. A person can easily buy a complete…

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Honda F22B DOHC for Sale

The Honda F22B motor was used in Prelude and Accord vehicles in the early to mid-1990s. Two editions were offered although there is a clear difference between the two models. The first was the single overhead cam option for the first couple of model years. The second was the dual overhead cam unit that is…

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Subaru EZ30 Engine for Sale

Subaru built its EZ30 engine and used it inside of its Legacy and Outback vehicles starting in the year 1999. While first manufactured for the Japanese market, demand grew quickly for an offering in North American cars. The production period between 2000 and 2007 showcased the 3.0-liter to domestic car owners. Someone can easily buy…

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G10A Engine for Sale

Suzuki manufactured the G10A engine block between 1985 and 2001. This “G” series build was part of a smaller series of motors that were used in many import, American and Canadian built vehicles. While the build was small, it did offer a SOHC design that was later rebadged with a turbocharger. There is still a…

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1NZFE Engine Toyota Replacement

Toyota 4-cylinder engines like the 1NZFE are regarded as workhorse units in the eyes of many automobile owners. Built for speed in a smaller displacement, these models are widely known to exploit the VVT technology developed in the early 2000s. Some people even go through the process of buying a supercharger to upgrade the standard…

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H22A Engine for Sale

The H22A motor block was created in 1993 by Honda and used in the Prelude vehicles in the United States. By taking concepts from the successful Civic, the closed deck construction on the 2.2-liter 4-cylinder was an improvement. One of the reasons why people are still interested in swapping an “H” series motor is due…

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Honda D15B Motor for Sale

D15B refers to the Honda 1.5L engine used in Civic and other vehicles. This block type is known as the “D” series build that was first introduced in the 1988 year. First built as a single overhead cam version, the long block design has gone through several changes. A person hoping to buy a D15B…

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